Crushing the Mythology of the Feministas

I respect anyone who has the courage to speak the truth, when doing so can get you in trouble any number of ways. I’ve tipped at my share of windmills (and, unfortunately, have had my share of failures showing that kind of courage); so I know from experience it’s not easy to do in today’s political climate.

I’m  glad to have found somebody blogging from across the pond who shoots straight and calls a skunk a skunk. That blogger is Demetri Marchessini . Other folks in the manosphere have knocked over feminista sacred cows before, but he topples several of them on one page. Here are some excerpts:

There is no physical activity in which women can compete with men. Moving to intelligence, countless IQ tests have proved that the average IQ of men and women is exactly the same, but there are big differences in distribution, and in particular abilities. For example, men have a much wider distribution of IQ than women. In other words, geniuses and idiots are usually men. Women’s IQs tend to be closer to the mean. It also means that at the higher levels there are fewer and fewer women. With regards to specific abilities, women are very good at any tests involving words – better than men. Also, their minds are quicker than men’s (but not necessarily more accurate). On the other hand, women are not good at tests involving spatial relationships. That is why there are very few women engineers – it is not that they have not been allowed to be engineers; it is that they are no good at it. Another interesting comparison is Bridge. Many more women than men play Bridge, but at the top tournaments women have to play in a separate section, because they are not good enough to play with the men. Or take chess. Women have played chess for hundreds of years, yet of the one hundred best chess players in the world, only one is a woman.

Try telling that to a film director or comic book writer, dude. The results might be funny enough to post on Youtube. Here’s a nice insight on how Margaret Thatcher was ousted in Britain:

Although Mrs Thatcher won the majority of the votes, it was considered not enough of a majority for her to stay. Now, the interesting thing was that the majority of Conservative male MPs voted for Mrs Thatcher. At that time, there were 25 Conservative women MPs, all of whom had been helped by Mrs Thatcher to find seats, and all of whom had been helped by her once they came into the Commons. Yet, they voted 25-0 against Mrs Thatcher. This lost the election for her. If even half of them had voted for her, she would have succeeded, and if all of them had voted for her, it would have been a landslide. As a majority of male MPs had voted for her, it is impossible to believe that the women’s vote of 25-0 against was based either on politics or on commonsense. Clearly it was based on emotion – and emotion of the worse kind. And yet, this vote changed the direction not only of the Conservative Party, which went well to the Left, but of the whole country. Everyone knew that Mrs Thatcher was never going to sign Maastricht. If she had stayed, we would not be in the EU. Those 25 ladies put us into the EU.

Help out the Yanks here, Demitri: What is an MP in British politics? I’m guessing the “P” is for Parliament but that’s just a guess.

Finally, we come to the famous “sexual harassment”. This too makes no sense. If women and men are “equal”, men should be able to treat women exactly the way they treat other men. And yet women object to being treated like men, while at the same time they insist they are equal.

Demitri argues that western civilization deteriorated to this bass-ackwards “gynocracy” and feminized culture due to the cowardice of the men who once held the power. I agree. But when I examine the multitudes of white knights and manginas surrounding me, raised by single mothers/television and programmed by government schools, I detect a degree of self-loathing as well.

Check out his site–it’s worth it.

Obama, Holder and CBS Conspired to Suppress Facts of Fast & Furious

It’s hard to keep up with all the abuses of power perpetrated by this administration and its lackeys. Even the coverups have coverups. Judicial Watch just uncovered some more information.

One of the documents provides smoking gun proof that the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice Department colluded to get CBS News to block reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson was one of the few mainstream media reporters who paid any attention to the deadly gun-running scandal.

In an email dated October 4, 2011, Attorney General Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, called Attkisson “out of control.” Schmaler told White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz that he intended to call CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer to get the network to stop Attkisson.

Schultz replied, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

Schultz also told Schmaler that he was working with reporter Susan Davis, then at the National Journal, to target Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA). Issa led the House investigation into Fast and Furious. Davis now works at USA Today. In the email chain, Schultz tells Schmaler that he would provide Davis with “leaks.”

Will anything be done about this?

Only more covering up, possibly in the guise of a Kenn Starr-esque independent “investigation.” At the very most, the MSM will grudgingly feed us some diversion akin to the Monica Lewinski scandal while the high crimes and treason are swept under the rug and forgotten.

Blue Pill Politics–Which Wing is Flapping?

Lately I’ve noticed a meme that’s growing in popularity, regarding the “left-right paradigm.” To reduce the meme to generality, many observers are becoming increasingly convinced that there is little to no difference between “left” and “right.”

As convoluted a language as English is, it still annoys me when people are lazy and sloppy in its use; refusing to employ what precision is available to them. When I hear phrases like “semiautomatic machinegun;” “irregardless;” “for future preference;” “conversate;” somebody referring to nitrous oxide as “noss,” or to the Marine Corps as “Special Forces” (somebody I work with does this on a regular basis); the Darth Vader in me threatens to take over.

Maybe what these people mean to say (or at least what they should understand) is that there’s little difference between the Democrat and Republican establishments. What difference there is between “liberals” and “conservatives” is in degrees; not in principle. Oh, they’ll bicker like crazy over those degrees–enough to really convince you they’re at odds. In the end they are no more opposed to each other than the two cops who take turns trying to charm/bully a confession out of a suspect.

It’s worthwhile to consider where the left/right designations came from, since we’ve all been misinformed by our teachers, professors, and the talking heads of television.

Centuries ago in the French parliament, the monarchists/collectivists sat on the left; the anarchists sat on the right. The moderates sat around the middle and the “leaners” sat left or right of center depending on whether they exalted the state or the individual.

Again, you’ve probably been taught that it was the other way around; and if you look it up online, chances are it will be described as the opposite of historical fact. And this makes perfect sense: Left-wingers don’t like be associated with Hitler, Mussolini and Ghengis Khan.


Two things you have to understand about leftists:

1. Right and wrong, truth and lies are dynamic. (Like how they envision the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.) Does it advance their agenda? Then it’s truth. Does it reflect negatively on their agenda? Then it’s a lie. That’s the criteria. Period.

This is an old Marxist/Leninist doctrine which provides a clue to how they can be so comfortable with their own blatant hypocrisy.

2. They agree with the National Socialist German Worker’s (Nazi) Party on all domestic issues: who controls industry; who controls the press; a progressive, graduated income tax; compulsory state-controlled education; civilian disarmament; pervasive regulation of speech and thought; reeducation of dissenters; etc. They do hide their anti-Semitism, though, whereas the Nazis didn’t. So far their hatred is focused on the Jewish state, rather than their Jewish neighbors.

Yes, the Nazis and all fascists are left-wing, if you want to be honest and accurate.

trueleftrightIn fact, both Hitler and Mussolini were darlings of the press and the elitists of the left (sorry for the redundancy) when they first took power. It’s only after Adolf’s rash, rambunctious, too-blatant-to-whitewash behavior embarrassed them that the leftists disguised themselves in anti-fascist drag.

Now, not only do they have a conniption when somebody draws attention to their Nazi bedfellow status; they are infamous for accusing their political opposition of fascism.

Though the atrocities of Nazi Germany were dwarfed by those of Soviet Russia, and Red China (the most prolific mass murderers in recorded history), left-wing elitists have been much more successful in whitewashing the legacy of the Communist empires. Still, after suppressing the truth for 70 years, enough facts trickled down after the fall of the Soviet Union that they had to grudgingly admit that their Communist Bloc beneficiaries were bad guys, too.

But simultaneous with that grudging admission was another magic transposition–suddenly despotic Communists were “right-wing” too. And of course they weren’t called Communists or socialists anymore, either. Now they were merely “Stalinists.”

Abracadabra! Those big meanies are now all on the right, with the enemies of progress.

Those who still track the mainstream media can’t help but notice favorite Newspeak terms like “radical right,” “hardline right,” “new right,” “religious right,” “right-wing extremist” and so on. But you never hear the counterpart epithets…the implication being there’s no such thing as “radical left,” “hardline left,” etc. Which also makes perfect sense, since those very elements in the media are pretending to be objective, impartial messengers with no dog in this fight.

Back to the paradigm. When you take into account what left and right really mean, you quickly realize that very few Republicans even LEAN to the right. Democrats and Republicans (with few exceptions among the latter) are LEFT-WING. They don’t disagree about whether the USA should be fundamentally transformed into a third-world police state; only about how rapidly the transformation should occur.

Let’s briefly tackle “liberal” and “conservative.” A true liberal is somebody like Thomas Jefferson. Socialists hide behind the label in modern times because by simply using the semantic disguise of “liberal,” it soft-peddles their tyranical behavior and their despotic ambitions. There is nothing liberal about what they’re doing or what they intend to do.

“Conservative,” in modern parlance, is evidently the term for anyone to the right of Chris Matthews. What makes people assume “conservatives” are fundamentally different from the “liberals” is that they prefer lower taxes and want a significant portion of our suicidal deficit spending to go into the military. What their Facebook constituents seem most passionate about is Michelle Obama’s wardrobe choices and hip measurement.

My rough estimate is that 93% of the population, whichever party they vote for, completely accepts leftist Newspeak and the subliminal ideas it implants. That’s why I’m on the soapbox today.

The Democrat/Republican paradigm is a sham. The left/right paradigm is real, but the distortion of the facts has confused nearly everyone about what it actually is.

Mangina Melodies: “El Paso” by Marty Robbins

I’ve never liked country music, but there’s an old forgotten genre that most people mistake for country, and I like listening to it now and then. It’s mostly old cowboy ballads, from artists like the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, Tex Ritter…and the western swing of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. If I’m writing a western, sometimes these songs help me keep the right mindset.

I call it “western music,” figuring maybe it’s what mixed in with the mama-died-on-Christmas stuff to form “country & western.” However you classify it, I liked it enough to compile a CD, which one family member liked so much, I’ve recently fulfilled a request for another.

You can listen to a song for years, and even sing along with it, without really considering the lyrics. At least I have. Such is the case with “El Paso” by Marty Robbins, a cowboy ballad with beautiful Tex-Mex guitar accompaniment. Only on my last listen did I really think about the story the song tells.

Here’s the gist of it as crooned by Robbins:

A cowboy has a raging case of one-itus for a Mexican bar girl who sounds like an eight or nine. He’s convinced she’s a special snowflake and he’s partially right: she is flaky. Obviously she’s still riding the carousel because one night he catches her all up on the juevos of a “wild young cowboy.”

Our hero confronts the pick up artist in a jealous rage, and the cowboy goes for his gun. But the narrator is quick on the draw and shoots him dead. Now, knowing he’ll be hanged for murder, he makes a run for it, and holes up in the badlands of New Mexico.

But the boy’s got it bad. By “it” I mean codependent disorder or something, ’cause he just can’t bear being separated from Felina any longer (probably haunted by visions of her on the carousel) and rides back for El Paso.

He knows he’s a wanted man, so this decision was stupid enough. But maybe he thinks they might not be looking for him to return. That notion is put to rest when he’s intercepted by a posse shouting and shooting…and yet he keeps riding for the saloon! Clearly he’s delusional or just plumb loco.

One of the posse scores a hit, but he’s just gotta make it to Rose’s Cantina, so he plunges onward into the hail of lead.

Why, you idiot?

Sure enough, somebody in the posse scores a center-mass hit. The bullet goes deep in his chest. The dumbass dies right there outside Rose’s cantina…but at least he gets a kiss goodbye on the cheek from the slut Felina as his soul floats away to the last round-up.

This song was a tremendous hit back in the day, from what I’ve been told.  Yech. The Ballad of a Blue Pill Beta is what this should be called.

By 1959 when this song debuted, the cowboy was the icon of American masculinity. Young boys used to play “cowboys & Indians.” Back then about half the programming on TV was made up of westerns. Even inner city black kids with no interest in history and no appreciation for the great outdoors dreamed of playing football for the team with a cowboy as its mascot.

Was this song instrumental in toppling the icon? Did Marty Robbins’ artsy-fartsy ballad push the he-man symbol of rugged individualism off the alpha pinnacle of devil-may-care masculinity and send him tumbling down (with the tumbleweeds) the slippery slope of feminized pop culture, to finally land, decades later, at the foot of Brokeback Mountain?

The hero of this ballad should have nexted Felina and gamed a quality senorita from a nearby hacienda to cook him frijoles and squeeze out little vaqueros while he built his spread into a cattle empire.

Now there’s a ballad worthy of the music, and lyrics worth singing.

Pre-Flood Fiction

You ever have a really  cool idea, but are too busy with other stuff to make it a reality before somebody else comes along and does it? Then you grumble under your breath when other people rave about what a cool idea it was.

It’s happened to me too many times over the years. One of the latest is this one: Brian Godawa’s fantasy series set on antedeluvian Earth.

Intending to read the whole series, I started with this one in order to follow it chronologically. Maybe that was a mistake.

Chronicles of the Nephilim was a good idea and pre-flood Earth is a great setting for a fantasy tale. Also, the author had to have done some homework in Enoch, the Bible, possibly Jasher and some other sources. All props to him for that.

I think I would have enjoyed a summary of his research more than this novel.

What grates on me are major selling points for the average feminista reader. In particular the “cute” romance elements didn’t sit well with me at all–especially the smarmy syrupy pet name exchanges . And I get a little more irritated every time I run into the obligatory amazon superninja character.

In the author’s defense, my patience had been sorely taxed before I ever heard of him, so it only takes a straw or two to break my camel’s back.

My camel’s name is Suspension of Disbelief.

The author did build a quest tale, of sorts, around the historic sketch left us via Genesis and Enoch 1, with some plot twists and such. I can’t say I liked any of the characters enough to become absorbed, or even smooth over the parts that ruffled my feathers. I set the book down for a couple months before forcing myself to finish it. Having heard raves about the Noah book, I’m almost tempted to give him another chance, but it’s certainly not a priority.

Battle of the Sexes: One Way Women are Beating Men

With a culture and governmental structure biased against men and favoring women, you’d think western men would do everything possible to minimize our disadvantages. Strangely, there’s at least one way even a lot of red pill men (or at least red pill candidates) are working against themselves.

There seems to be plenty of self-help info out in the manosphere, ranging from physical fitness to psychological coaching and even wardrobe advice–all aimed at fostering self-improvement.

What I’m about to share comes from statistics, which means I’ll be speaking in generalities. If you’re an exception, then that’s great.

The disadvantage has been there for quite a while, but it’s become much worse over the last 20-25 years.

To put it simply: men watch TV instead of reading.

Forget about the socio-sexual hierarchy for a moment; I’m going to introduce a whole different use for prefixes like “alpha” and “beta.” These describe two different states your brain can be in. In the beta mode, your mind is active–you generate ideas; you analyze critically; you solve problems; your imagination exercises. The theta mode takes over your brain during REM sleep or, with some people, meditation, and only your subconscious is active. During the delta phase your brain rests, and your body heals.

Then there is the alpha phase, in which your mind is most receptive to outside influence, “optimal for programming” according to scientists. In other words: at your most vulnerable to suggestion. It is literally a trance state–a necessary segue into hypnosis which hypnotherapists are trained to induce. And audio-visual stimulus can get most people there in a matter of seconds.

I used the phrase “audio-visual stimulus” to include movies, videos, and anything you can watch on television. Hours of Facebook, Twitter and other types of internet surfing can get you there, too, but not as quickly.

Reading, however, puts your brain in the beta mode. Your mind stays sharp; critical reasoning is often strengthened; imagination gets exercise.

While America is dumbed-down to greater and greater degrees across all demographics, women are still much more likely to read voluntarily, after high school, than men. This has a lot to do with the indocrination industry educational component of our feminized culture. Public schools are designed to teach girls, and boys don’t learn the same ways. The less a boy gets out of the female-biased teaching methods, the worse a student he is and the more the system tries to force him to learn like a girl. Reading seems like just another form of torture to him and by the time he graduates, he’ll avoid it if at all possible.

If you want to hide something from the average public-educated male, put it in a book.

Have you noticed how many white nights and manginas there are in the male population? Not just among the couch potatoes and geeks, but even among alpha dogs at the top of their chosen fields in business, sports or the military, etc. And political persuasion makes little difference! There seem to be just as many feminista males on the right as the left.

Joe Blow was a poor student, so public schools may not have been able to feminize him to the degree they wanted to. But he came home every day and sat in front of the idiot box, and with his guard down in the Entertain Me mode (alpha/trance) the thought cops went to work on him.

Joe Blow may have had differing levels of resistance to different types of conditioning, which is why there are plenty of white knight manginas who lean “conservative” (whatever that means) and notice catch the media in some of its deception. But it’s going to be nearly impossible to make him swallow the red pill when it comes to the female of the species. You can’t compete with three-to-five hours a day of conditioning during a trance state (plus what his mother likely taught him). That conditioning hasn’t been challenged in his entire life.

Was it hard for you to get over your one-itus or other cultural programming? Is some of it still difficult? Like uprooting a tree that’s been carefully nurtured over the course of years or decades?

Is your critical reasoning not as sharp as you wish it were? Does problem solving not come as easily as you think it should? Do you have a lack of imagination impairing you from advancing at your job?

The way you’ve been choosing to inform and entertain yourself could have a lot to do with it.


Badasses of Dude-Lit: Number One

We have reached Number One in my Top Five Literary Badass List. The Top FIve were chosen partly out of consideration for where the hero stands in the  socio-sexual hierarchy; partly for how much fun it is to read them.

I used to apply the term “guilty pleasure” to men’s fiction such as what I’m referring to. But guilt (in this context) is for manginas and others overly concerned about what people think.

1. The Sergeant

The Top Dude-LIt Badass is Master Sergeant Clarence Mahoney–the worst nightmare of German soldiers (and plenty of American lower enlisted as well).

Through nine novels, countless firefights, bayonet duels, and plenty of cheap, meaningless fornication, the picture we have of Mahoney is crystal-clear: he’s an alpha male to his very core, who rose up through the ranks in a very competitive (dog-eat-dog is more accurate) environment purely by merit. He wants to be in charge and usually is. The betas in his platoon (especially sidekick Corporal Cranepool) are fanatically loyal to him/want to be him.

Ladies and other civilized people tend to think of him as a barbaric brute, yet he’s got enough game to make notches out of those same ladies anyway. And pretty much any other broad who conveniently becomes available on his blood-splattered path through wartime Europe.

Amidst all the mayhem in the series, you also get some nice slices of historic facts. Author Len Levinson did his research, resulting in much more historical accuracy than you might expect from war pulp.


Badasses of Dude-Lit: Number Two

2. Breeder

This is the only stand-alone novel in the Top Five. And thankfully it is now also available as an E-Book.

You can read my review of Breeder on the old blog, but I’ll summarize in manosphere terms here.

Jeff Clendenning is the ultimate alpha-dog…and not by chance. He was bred to be. Not only is he a perfect physical specimen and a savant for combat, but also has bulletproof game that makes him irresistible to women.

Any women.

In fact, he was born with an absolutely unique superpower: an innate ability to visually clock a woman’s menstrual cycle. Wouldn’t we all like to have that one? We could avoid a whole lot of aggravation, for one thing. But alas, he uses this menstro-vision for a purpose not all of us would: impregnating every single woman he meets, who is capable of reproduction.

He can’t help it. It’s an instinct that was bred (or designed) into his DNA.

See, Jeff is unknowingly part of a clandestine Russian operation. He’s been raised in a “Potempkin Village” believing he’s really an American in the USA, attending college ROTC so he can go fight the Geebees (Patriot militias, basically). But after graduation he gets away from his handlers and finds himself in the actual USA…and that’s where the fun really begins.

Things are a lot different in the bona fide USA. For one example, the Breeder’s “extremely rapid seductions” are considered rape. And that’s just one way this speculative novel written in the 1970s, published in 1988, can be considered prophetic of our present and near-future cultural condition.

Breeder is an action-adventure with a military flavor and some dystopian (or prophetic) elements, but it could be fun for red pill readers simply because of what it implies about hypergamy and the aplha fux/beta bux phenomenon.

Frankly, it’s a lot of fun with or without that.

Badasses of Dude-Lit: Number Three

3. The Renegade

Possibly inspired by 19th Century mercenary William Walker, the Renegade AKA Captain Gringo AKA Richard (Dick) Walker, raises hell in Latin America over the course of 36 novels. Writing as “Ramsay Thorne,” prolific pulp prose-peddler Lou Cameron undoubtedly had loads of fun (and passed it on to us) writing a character used to “winning in battles and bedrooms!”

I’m delighted to discover that these are being released as E-books now, under Cameron’s own name. I only bought a few of the paperbacks while they were in print (wasn’t on a historical kick at the time), but now I should be able to read the whole series.

Captain Gringo is a definite alpha dog. In a setting rife with treachery, teeming with tyrants, revolutionaries, and German agents, the only man of integrity to be found is the lecherous Frenchman Gaston, his loyal sidekick. The Renegade seduces more women in each novel than some men will in their entire life (women who shout lines like “Oh Deek, my great bull!” during the throes of passion), and Gaston feeds on his scraps without complaint.

In his tactics and instincts, Captain Gringo is seemingly flawless as written. But there’s more than enough wild cards thrown at him to keep the pages turning…and the rounds feeding through his Maxim machinegun.

Badasses of Dude-Lit: Number Four

The countdown continues…

4. The Last Ranger

Here’s another hero that’s probably a beta male, but he ranks this high mostly because I enjoy the post-apocalyptic genre.

Whoever wrote under the name “Craig Sargent” was probably a peacenik from the Vietnam era, because that’s how Martin Stone comes off–despite being raised and trained by a Special Forces officer. The series was published toward the end of the Cold War and left-leaning nuclear disarmament sentiments permeate.

Yet despite the political proclivities and the beta nature of Martin Stone, he’s forced to act decisively and heroically due to the environment and the characters who inhabit it. He also gets his wick dipped on a regular basis, because there’s an average of one damsel-in-distress in every novel.

Major Clayton Stone wasn’t a Ranger, and his son was never even a soldier, so I’m not sure how the series title was justified.

I own all 10 paperbacks in the series. The plotting really goes downhill toward the end, like the author(s?) lost interest and were just typing words for a paycheck. But it’s a lot of fun prior to that. If I have to face a post-nuke future, I’d want to start from a secret mountain bunker full of automatic weapons, with a Harley and a loyal fighting dog to scout with.

I just found out these books are being released for the Kindle. And with the original covers! It looks like they started with the series finale and are working their way back to the first one for some reason. It’s great news for readers in any case.