Marvel Comics’ Insanity

Maybe you’ve heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

But enough about American voters. I’m talking about the comic book industry.

I was a comic aficionado before it was cool. Had quite a collection and spent money on comics regularly. But as the writing became increasingly stupid and the left-wing, feminist, homophile prejudices became more blatant, my interest dwindled until I quit buying them.

Evidently, I’m not the only one. The industry has really hit the skids in the last few decades. Were it not for movie adaptations, comics would be a strictly counterculture pastime for basement-dwelling neckbeards.

Much like the Democrat Party (and their RINO enablers), comic book companies’ “solution” to an economic debacle is to amplify the very same policies that caused the devastation.

So DC decides the original (Golden Age/Earth 2/whatever) Green Lantern should be a homosexual. Marvel decides Thor should be a woman. And surely there’s even more of this crap going on with other characters, but I lack the stomach to get up-to-date on the cesspool comics industry.

Either the creatively bankrupt propagandists at Marvel read our original post about Thor’s sex change, or they’ve heard other people raising the same issues. And just as you’d expect of a self-righteous fanatic, their response was to ignore reason and simply double-down on their own lunacy. You can feel their mangina pride slithering from the dialog in this panel:


Explanation #2 from our original post is worth quoting again:

Nobody at Marvel is educated enough to realize that the pantheons of mythology are brimming with goddesses they could build another super-character out of.

Marxists (cultural and otherwise) have always preferred hijacking the success of hard-working men, rather than coming up with their own ideas, putting in their own sweat, and building their own track record. This pathology, for feminists, is not even limited to reality–it extends even into the comic universe.

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