Review: SJWs Always Lie/Taking Down the Thought Police

I’m pretty sure I’m echoing the sentiments of others by saying this, but I wish I’d had this handbook many years ago. Much of what SJWs Always Lie reveals, I had learned on my own the hard way. Plus, I’ve been following Vox Populi for a couple years now so this wasn’t the first time I’ve encountered most of the author’s revelations.

Still, even though I had learned some dos and dont’s on my own, I hadn’t learned all of them. Nor had I discovered exactly WHY one should follow the dos and don’ts I’d learned.

One nice bonus in this book is a chapter-long summary of the whole #Gamergate saga. I’d put bits and pieces together from reading blog posts related to it; but it was nice to digest the entire history of it in one sitting. I suspect other readers would equally appreciate Day’s summary of the Hugo Awards/Puppies conflict. What both incidents teach us is that, even though entrenched throughout pop culture (and everywhere else), the SJWs can be pushed back if a few good men can only summon the courage and motivation to take off the kid gloves and fight.

Despite what I’ve learned from this book and personal experience, Day has helped me understand that I need to become more fluent in the form of communication Aristotle called the rhetorical (not exactly what we currently label rhetoric). Why? Because Aristotle and Day are absolutely correct: there are certain people whose minds you will never change by giving them information. I’ve run into them a lot, and was usually baffled by how futile my communication had been (speaking dialectic to those who couldn’t understand it).

This book is chock-full of insights and practical advice on what to do when you encounter an SJW.

Vox Day lays out the 8 stages of an SJW attack. In Stage One, he lists three subcomponents:

  1. self-appointed public defense;
  2. virtual victimhood, and
  3. creative offense-taking.

Even though I think I can think of examples of all three, it would have been nice had the author provided them himself.

Little stuff like that is really the only flaws I can point to in this book. And of course, whether or not they are truly flaws is subjective.

A pleasant side-effect of this book’s release is the number of parodies and counter-parodies now enjoying  some exposure on Amazon.

Investigation or Another Coverup?

I heard some audio soundbites from the latest Benghazi investigation on the radio a couple days ago. A couple professional politicians kept yammering on about how the matter had been whitewashed“investigated” seven times already.

No matter how many times the media sprays perfume on Hillary, something still stinks. Even so, I expect nothing less than another sugar-coated makeover of the ugly truth. Remember, her husband the Teflon Traitor never had to answer for any of his high crimes and treason…except his perjury regarding a blowjob in the Oval Office–and that was just a smokescreen.

The inmates have control of the asylum, people. There is no justice; nor will there ever be, with these renegade public servants holding absolute power.

Praise For the Harboiled Gearhead Rock&Roller Detective

Deke Jones is an unapolagetic alpha male (sigma according to Vox Day’s breakdown of the socio-sexual hierarchy) but also an irreverent loner, whose passion is cars and music, and just happens to make a living as a private detective.

I haven’t marketed my books much, and it shows in the anemic sales and Amazon reviews. But then, these are niche novels, focused at an audience that is apparently even smaller than I guessed. Until today (I’m writing this on Saturday 10/10/15) the latest Deke Jones romp, Shadow Hand Blues, didn’t have even a single review.

Well, that threshold is finally crossed, and here is the review:

I loved Fast Cars and Rock&Roll so,naturally,I was excited to see another Deke Jones Romp. After a few paragraphs,I thought that this book was not going to live up to it’s predecessor. Boy was I WRONG! I soon realized that this story was more about Deke Jones the private detective/musician and not about Deke Jones the race car driver. I’m a car guy through and through,that’s what attracted me to the first book,but I also like a well written story. That is exactly what I got here. The characters are complex, the plot is riveting and the book moves like a roller coaster! Maybe it’s just me,but when I read this story,I felt like I was there. I was in the courtroom when Deke was reading the transcripts. I could picture the expressions on Fuller’s face. I witnessed his encounters with the local police. I felt Deke’s rage at the injustice of it all. Very intense. There was also,indeed, enough automobile related content to satisfy the gear head in me. Some drag racing, high speed driving and vintage auto repair,in detail.

I’m not very good at expressing how much I enjoyed this book. My review is crudely written and lacking details. Writing is not my forte. However it is Michael Kayser’s forte, and thank goodness for that. I will be anxiously waiting for the next “Romp”.

Well, I beg to differ. Not only was this review thoughtful and detailed, it was also well-written. I’ve read plenty of Amazon reviews and appreciate this one all the more.


Messing With Texas

At  a truck stop not far inside the border after leaving Louisiana, I stepped out of the restroom and couldn’t help noticing a display of signs, T-shirts and bumper stickers. The first one I read said:

Alcohol, tobacco and firearms should be a convenience  store, not a government agency.

How delightfully un-PC, I thought, and took some time to chuckle at similar sentiments on display.

After driving deep through the heart of Texas, I came to a town with this sign to greet me on my way in:


God, country and free enterprise???? Where do these people think they live–the United States of America?

I haven’t checked recently, but I remember a couple elections ago that the Texas G.O.P. platform was unbelievably close to ideal…while the G.O.P. nationally played the Washington Generals to the Democrat’s Harlem Globetrotters. The Republican Party as a whole  was all about compromising away the rights of the people and our national sovereignty, selling us out at the first opportunity, all while pretending to be “conservative” (whatever that means). Republicans in the Lone Star State were actually republican

There’s no such thing as “the pendulum” that swings left and right. There’s only a ratcheting noose , gradually strangling our constitutional republic politically, financially, and culturally. So how is it that Texas has withstood the leftward ratchet for so long?

Mostly, it’s because they have clung to their heritage and refused to compromise away their culture.

Is it any wonder Texas is considered "hostile" by the Jade Helm 15 planners?
Is it any wonder Texas is considered “hostile” by the Jade Helm 15 planners?


Americans in general not only have much to appreciate, we’ve got many remarkable accomplishments in our history. Certainly there are some skeletons in our closet, but there’s also much to be proud of in our history. But children born here are taught to believe the opposite. If they’re taught any history at all. Ask the average person in the USA what started the American Revolution and they’re likely to tell you it was the Boston Tea Party (you know: a Sarah Palin rally) or Roe vs. Wade. And while the America haters who hijacked our culture can’t point to any nation where the quality of life has been better, they can still find things to criticise.

Of course, Texas today isn’t the texas of 20, 40, or 150 years ago. They’ve suffered an invasion of America-haters from both south of the border and from the high-population cesspools of the Northeast. Pinkos have infiltrated their local and state governments to a degree, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the nation as a whole.

But Texans (for the most part) embrace the highlights of their history and take pride in them. They still believe in their own exceptionalism.

Oblivious to the ridicule levelled at them by the rest of the world, You’ll still see Texans wearing cowboy hats, boots and gaudy belt buckles, brandishing firearms…and even riding horses. Because they’re still free to do it, and they’re not ashamed of their heritage.

I used to make fun of Texans because of how they dress and talk. But should they ever wake up and secede from this pathetic excuse for what was once a free country…the status of my citizenship might just change.