Superheroes and “The Narrative”

Just what is “The Narrative,” you ask?

The Narrative is a conglomeration of messages rammed down our throats by government, academia, every medium of pop culture, and the blue pill sheeple who orient their worldview according to what those sources tell them.

The human mind is the most incredible computer the world has seen; yet the most powerful computer is only as smart as the data that is fed to it.


The Narrative comprises all the data that the cultural programmers deem acceptable for processing by the proletariat. Any data which does not agree with The Narrative is treated like a virus to be isolated and destroyed.

The Narrative is a tool to propagate and reinforce the sheeple’s faith in the elected and unelected criminals who are herding us into a third world police state where cognitive uniformity will eventually be dictated and regulated by the state. The homogenized message is Marxist/cultural Marxist, feminist, environmentalist and sodomiphilic.


More and more surfers of the Manosphere are becoming aware of The Narrative. Roosh V is somebody I haven’t followed all that closely because my impression of him was that he was primarily concerned with sowing wild oats. But he is definitely taking notice of more weighty matters of late. I recently discovered this astute observation about how the defacto ruling class in America is composed of individuals who hate America.

…(A)n individual or idea that is supported by the establishment also hates America, or at least pushes an agenda that will certainly lead to America’s decline. If the mainstream media reports on someone in a favorable light, that person hates America. If they report on a specific public policy in a favorable light, it will lead to America’s destruction. If the mainstream media reports on someone in a negative light, they love America, or at least promotes ideas that would lead to a stronger America.

It really is that simple. Furthermore, you can accurately predict which party a person votes for simply by observing their attitude toward America. (The problem with that is that the GOP is now about 95% Democrats/Marxists who speak with a forked tongue, pretending to love America while they sell her down the river.)


The Manosphere is becoming so vigilant that they sounded the warning about the latest Star Wars movie before it even hit the big screen. They even lampooned the title in the same way Hank or I probably would have (The Farce Awakens).

What the latest George Lucas flick demonstrates is that there is no genre or medium that has not been turned into a tool to push The Narrative. What the Manosphere’s criticisms indicate is that a growing subculture is finally waking up to this.

Know what else people are waking up to?

The soul of a nation is won or lost in the culture a generation or more before the struggle.


Today’s systematic and institutionalized discrimination against thorinawhite heterosexual men, for instance, took nobody by surprise who has been keeping track of pop culture for the last few decades. It is obligatory that heterosexual men are portrayed as inept buffoons in sit-coms; sensitive wimps in rom-coms; abusive cheaters in dramas; serial killers in suspense thrillers; neo-Nazis in political thrillers; and physically second-best in action-adventures. And frankly, you have to hand it to the pop culture svengalis because it takes talent to sell an aspect of The Narrative as oxymoronic as feminism (that women are superior to heterosexual men in every way, yet simultaneously oppressed victims of them).

In all forms of entertainment, people make themselves vulnerable to suggestion because they are prepared to suspend disbelief going in. Especially with TV and movies, mental programming is even more effective than a trained hypnotist would be.

Contrary to the pose struck by the pop culture svengalis and their legions of lemmings, they are not content merely to get their message out there. They must innundate everything, everywhere, with their Narrative. They must infiltrate and spread like cancer (some even call themselves “progressive”). On the feminism front they infiltrate male genres like science fiction and action-adventure; and male mediums like comic books.

The comic book industry exploded in the late 1930s/early 1940s. Its success rode on the back of superhero stories, and the overwhelming majority of the audience was pre-adolescent boys. The age of that audience has increased since WWII, but has remained largely male.

Superficially, a fan of the comic book heroes would assume that the world is a better place than ever right now, with so many characters being adapted to the bSpider-Man, Barack Obamaig and small screen. But they’re being adapted in more ways than format. Pop culture svengalis have been busy subverting the superhero genre into just another gynocentric soapbox. More and more long-time heroes are being retrofitted into the homosexual agenda. Just as in action movies, the female characters are written to be superior in prowess to their male counterparts, and sometimes famous male heroes are just suddenly re-written as females. And when political shots are taken, there is no surprise what direction they come from, either.

So for the next few blog posts I plan to have some fun examining some of the subversions adaptations in recent times. Virtual Pulp has previously blogged about Arrow. Three I have in mind right now are Gotham, The Flash and Daredevil.

Other than that, Happy New Year.


Two Lies That Contribute to Our National Suicide

We live in an age of deception. Several observers have their own opinion on what “the biggest lie” is, or at least “the biggest reason” the constitutional republic we inherited in America is sliding into oblivion.

Simply listing the lies believed in our culture would be an exhausting endeavor that would take perhaps a lifetime. But there are two lies that are widespread and have helped prevent the necessary course correction (for those who actually cherish their freedom and would prefer to keep it) to  avert disaster. Those lies are, in essence, the following:

  1. To win elections, the Republicans must move even further to the left.

  2. A third party is a disastrous proposition. Our only hope for peaceful repair of our republic, our economy, and the American Dream is the G.O.P.

The first lie prevents us from ever having a true choice in elections. It also discourages much of the Republican base from voting at all; and even when the lesser evil does manage to win, there is little change in anything but rhetoric.

The second lie perpetuates the good cop/bad cop political theater of our “two party system”and placates enough ovine individuals in the electorate to ensure our domestic enemies are never exposed, and their political lackeys will never be held accountable for their inevitable treachery.

Even a goose-stepping leftard gets something right every once in a while.
Even a goose-stepping leftard gets something right every once in a while.

It’s too little, too late, but those lies are finally being exposed for what they are to a significant portion of our dumbed-down population.

Even coincidence theorists like Rush Limbaugh and Establishment Judas Goats like National Review are beginning to admit that the Republican Party is in partnership with the Democrats in serving interests that are not the people of the USA, our inalienable rights, or our posterity.

Betrayed AGAIN.
Betrayed AGAIN.

To paraphrase the Who:

Say hello to the new Ryan; he’s the same as the old Boehner.


How many times are “we” going to fall for the same old lies? We elect these “conservative” (whatever that means) candidates to push back against our national suicide, and it invariably turns out they are just tag-teaming with the Democrats. Then armies of apologists come out of the woodwork armed with selective stats, straw man arguments and character assassinations aimed at anyone who truly represents the concerns of the grass roots, to hoodwink us into doing the same thing again, expecting a different result (the definition of insanity).

The normalcy-biased coincidence theorists would have you believe the historical pattern of betrayals is a result of nothing more than well-intentioned buffoonery, that just happens to always result in more power for the state, more damage to our economy, and more infringements on our rights.

More people seem to be waking up to the truth–at least some of the truth. It is too obvious anymore that the Democrats and “Republicans” are both advancing the same agenda, which serves the interests of UN-American elites rather than the law they swear to uphold or the people who foot the bill for their pampered, parasitic lifestyles.


Our would-be masters have counted on our overlapping ignorance and apathy to push us this far, but our ignorance is breaking down. The question is, now that well over 10% of the population is aware that the game is rigged and our government has been hijacked by domestic enemies, is any sort of corrective action going to be taken by the lawful rulers of this country (the people)?


Any way you shake it, options like apathy, complacency and leisure are coming to an end. You’re going to lose your property, your lifestyle and the future you hoped for no matter what. The only question is, will you lay it down voluntarily in sacrifice to something bigger than yourself (as the founders did); or will it be taken from you?

I know what Jefferson’s generation would have done. I know what my grandfather’s generation would have done, faced with the ugly reality of what is exposed before us. The question is, what are you going to do?


Trump’s Trojan Horse?

I can’t deny that Trump has some Big Brass Ones.  Calling for an end to Muslim immigration into the USA is something nobody else has the guts to do, in a culture where nearly everyone with a platform advocates wide-open borders. It’s hard to disagree with him when you examine the “religion of peace” and its practitioners honestly.

However, suppose by some alignment of miracles such a policy were seriously considered.

Assume Trump is legit, and really means what he’s saying. That doesn’t change the fact that 95% of the rich and powerful, and their government bureaucrat minions, refuse to see Muslims as anything but a minority class to be coddled and protected, while believing the REAL threat is posed by Christians, patriots, Constitutionalists, gun owners and veterans.

Assume that some such policy were actually instituted. Assume that our government began cracking down on Muslims. Deporting them, for starters. A move in the right direction, eh?

What you have then is a precedent. One that can be used to crack down on who the criminals in government really hate: Christians.

All it took was a few “deists” among the founding fathers to substitute the weasel word “religion” in the First Amendment in place of “Christian faith” or some equivalent. For generations nobody saw the danger in it and, in fact, it didn’t pose a problem. America was obviously a Christian nation and everyone knew that freedom of “religion” was a safeguard against any particular denomination getting state sanction to control all churches and individuals, like the Church of England had. Every American knew what “religion” meant in the Constitutional context until a couple generations ago.

But thanks to that weasel word (and the tolerant nature of most Christians) we now have Satanists and every other flavor of reprobate turning our culture upside down, rewriting our history, attacking those who protected them for two centuries, and attempting to seduce our children.

It’s a longshot at best that Trump’s proposal would ever be seriously considered by those to whom terrorism and immigration are but tools to help destroy the nation they hate. More likely, this and Trump’s faux pas about New Jerseyites celebrating 9/11 are just the early spasms in his staged self-destruction. But I’m not a psychic, so who knows?

If something miraculous took place and the ban on Muslim immigration happened, it would almost certainly backfire on those advocating it without thinking a few moves ahead.