Trump’s Hesitation to Condemn Duke: What Does it Mean?

The nature of Trump’s response to the endorsement from David Duke is different depending on what source reports it. In the “mainstream” (left-wing) media echo chamber, of course, it means Trump is the next Hitler who is best buds with Duke and likes to attend lynching parties dressed in white sheets. To organizations less-rabid, it was a curious blunder.

What might this mean?

1. There is some truth to what the left-wing propagandists are pushing this time, and Trump may, in fact, have sympathy for white nationalist groups and figureheads.

2. Trump has his finger on the pulse of the electorate right now; believes that a significant portion of his voter base harbor some sort of white identity consciousness; and doesn’t want to alienate them by pointing and shrieking, “Rayciss!!” as he was expected to. After all, he technically is a politician ever since announcing his intention to run.

3. Trump was caught off-guard and didn’t have a thoughtful, polished response ready. On three occasions. And perhaps he didn’t anticipate  the frenzied blowback his nebulous reaction would inspire. (If that part is true, then he is more than a little naive.)

4. The puppetmasters absolutely will not allow the Executive Branch to escape their control. There are a few tricks available to them to ensure it doesn’t. If Trump is not, himself,  bought-and-paid for, one possibility is that he will be persuaded to self-sabotage his campaign so a “made man” (or woman) can be installed.

But can this actually drain his support? With the rise of tribalism among whites, I can’t assume that it will.