SJW Hypocrisy Sparked White Nationalism

Politics today are so full of hypocrisy, it makes politicians of yesteryear seem like straight-shooters, by comparison.

The rampant hypocrisy in feminism, for example, is pushing men into red pill lifestyles by the droves (now that men finally have that option).

When it comes to race, there have always been bigots (and some people will harbor bigotry or racism no matter what) but the blatant hypocrisy in Western  culture has contributed to the rise of White Nationalism more than any other factor. White male heterosexuals in the post-baby boomer generations have been insulted, belittled, and unfairly treated all their lives, while simultaneously being told they are privileged and everyone but them are victims.

feministlogicThis systemic prejudice has many parallels with feminism. Most people today, for instance, don’t think of themselves as feminists. Yet they’ve been inundated with feminist ideas for so long, they’ve adopted them for their own. Yet they assume their worldview to be balanced.

In polite company, you can talk all day about the inherent flaws of men, and/or the inherent strengths of women, and you’ll get affirmations and accolades. Switch it around, however: talk about the inherent strengths of men and the inherent flaws of women, and “sexist pig” will be the nicest name you get called. Depending on how publicized your observations are, you’ll get death threats on Twitter and other venues.

In the same way, you can make broad-brush remarks all day long like:

  • white men can’t jump
  • white folks got no rhythm
  • white men are wimps
  • whites are punks
  • blacks are superior athletes
  • blacks are superior musicians
  • blacks are great entertainers
  • Latinos are great lovers
  • Hispanics take care of their families
  • Hispanics are hard workers
  • Asians are gifted academics
  • Asians are great with technology

…And so on. These are all socially acceptable generalizations.

But switch it around if you’re feeling entrepid–talk about what caucasians are good at, and/or what minorities are not so good at…and the pointing/shrieking will split your eardrums. Remember the Bell Curve? If you took it seriously, you’re obviously a bigot worthy of character assassination.

Consider the relative population sizes of the demographics and the disparity is about 25X worse than stated.


If one is on the political right, he’s been accused of racism all his politically-aware life. If the Marxists/SJWs truly were the “liberals” they pretend to be, they should be horrified to find their accusations are largely proving to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

For decades now blacks had gotten away with (in fact, were pretty much encouraged to harbor) a blatantly ethnocentric worldview. They looked at everything through a racial lens, and got a pass for their racist attitudes toward whites and others. They enjoyed Sacrosanct Victim Status by virtue of simply being born. And because they were Sacrosanct Victims, their own racism and bigotry was never recognized as racism and bigotry.

It wasn’t just blacks, of course. Women and other minorities also got awarded Sacrosanct Victim Status at birth. There were scholarships, institutionalized hiring practices, de facto public relations programs in Hollywood and the press, and armies of activists waiting to rush to the defense of anybody who suffered an inconvenience. Anybody except a white male heterosexual, who was forever barred entry into the Sacrosanct Victim Club.

…For decades, white men (those without the correct political affiliation, anyway) walked on eggshells for fear of offending somebody, and dared not make too big an issue when they were victimized because it ran counter to the overall Sacrosanct Victim Narrative.

But now that was changing. White men were growing openly contemptuous of everyone who habitually played the victim card…and those who maybe were innocent but still shared the genetic traits of the “social justice warriors” who did play the victim. …More and more white men were speaking and behaving like the bigots they’d been accused of being all along.

– Henry Brown, from False Flag


Some outspoken whites are no longer walking on eggshells. And they’re no longer on the “right” either, as they’re being seduced by collectivist ideals and cult-of-personality in their obsession with WASP identity, “western civilization” and the Trumpening.

Whether or not you can sympathize, you should at least recognize that this was inevitable. For decades the right-leaning white male heterosexual suffered, while evils were sufferable, and didn’t stoop to the level of his antagonists. But as he wakes up to the fact that his country has been hijacked by those who hate him, it’s only natural that he would abandon the magnanimous high road and begin adapting the same in-group/out-group mindset of those hell-bent on being his enemy.

Hardly anybody knows history anymore, and less still are capable of learning from it; otherwise his enemies would have been reluctant to back the white male heterosexual into the tribalist corner.

The situation only gets uglier from here.