Trump on Foreign Policy

…And other matters.

First off, respect to The Donald just for having the stones to appear on InfoWars. A lot of sheeple will dismiss him as unfit for public office for that alone.

I’m thankful to Alex Jones for making this available, as it addresses a couple of my concerns about Trump. The Donald intends to dismantle Obamacare post haste, according to his own words. That’s nearly the opposite of what I was led to believe.

He also explains his previous relationship with the Clintons. As someone with tunnel-vision tendencies myself, it does make some sense: he was doing the best he could for his business at that time, and wasn’t paying much attention to politics (this was confirmed by Roger Stone). That would partly explain why Trump’s clothing line (for instance) used offshore labor, too.

I’ll make it personal. When I shop for something, I try to find American-made items, and am willing to pay more if necessary. Such products are nearly impossible to find anymore, so I’ll buy stuff made in Taiwan, Japan, Germany, etc., to avoid sending my money to Red China or Vietnam. But even that’s proving to be difficult. So when there is no other choice, I buy Red Chinese slave labor goods.

I get pissed at American companies that export their production overseas, but really, they’re making the same choice as businesses that I’m making as a consumer. It’s not realistic for me to expect them to go bankrupt when taxes, regulations, union wages and our suicidal trade policies have made it impossible to compete employing American labor.

Trump wants to quit weakening US defense, and quit provoking Russia.
Trump wants to quit weakening US defense, and quit provoking Russia.

I was afraid Trump was dodging Jones’ question about whether he would pull a Ross Perot; but he finally did answer it toward the end.

I am a little less suspicious of The Donald now. There are still red flags here and there, like his desire for more domestic surveillance. Hey, if it targets our enemies rather than law-abiding citizens, great. But I haven’t heard him articulate it that way yet.

If Trump is for real, then the traitor elite hasn’t even begun to go after him yet. They have been engineering the demise of the American republic for too long, and are on the verge of striking the death blow. The public at large is too ignorant and apathetic to stop them. In fact, at least half the population living in the USA have been dancing to whatever tune the puppet masters fiddle. If Donald Trump follows through on even a fraction of his promises, it is going to set their agenda back significantly, if not wreck crucial aspects of it.

They can’t let that happen.

If The Donald is for real, he desperately needs prayers of protection from those who serve the highest authority in the universe.