More evidence That FBI are Stooges of the Clinton Mafia

Remember that one crime (from a long list of Clinton scandals) was that the Clinton Administration in the 1990s illegally collected FBI files on their political opposition  (the blackmail factor helps explain why the Clintons never were taken to task for any of their high crimes and treason–the Monica Lewinski episode was just a smokescreen which distracted the public from the far more serious crimes while providing the illusion that the media wasn’t covering up for the Clinton Machine). Abuse of power on this scale dwarfs anything Nixon ever did, but would only be “wrong” if a Republican was guilty of it.

Well, we already knew Comey and Lynch are in the tank for Hillary, anyway. The video below is just more evidence.

Looks like the Hillary campaign better come up with some more mud to sling at Trump, quick. Maybe they can find a Millennial to come forward and say, “He shook me when I was a baby!”

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