Jerome Corsi Interviewed About “Q Anon” and the FISA Memo

The “mainstream” (left-wing lapdog) media first tried to convince their audience that the FISA memo was a “threat to the rule of law” (as if they care about that), would undermine the fabric of our “democracy,” etc. Notice how, once the memo was released, the Spin Machine reversed gears and now tries to convince you that it’s much ado about nothing?

In fact,you can tell there’s chaos in the enemy camp because their coordination has broken down. Some Democrats and media talking heads (but I repeat myself) are still pushing the first official story (lets call it Narrative 3.1), while their fellow travelers have already switched to Narrative 4.0. Corporately, at least, the Democrat/Pop-Culture Machine is broadcasting cognitive dissonance throughout the land. Releasing the memo will end life as we know it; but at the same time the memo is insignificant and laughable.

The more I watch Dr. Corsi, the more I appreciate that there are still a few good men who love our country and hope to save it. Here he discusses Q Anon’s recent coded messages to the patriot community, and the significance of the Nunes memo.

There could yet be hope for America. My son may yet grow up in a free country.

The investigation leading to the FISA memo barely scratches the surface of the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that the people need to find out, and hopefully they will.

It remains to be seen if the “Normies” are jarred out of their trance; if Trump’s counterattack is forthcoming; and if the perpetrators will finally suffer consequences.

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