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UPDATE: VP is no longer primarily a review site. We still occasionally post reviews here, and if you really want to submit a book, please read this post before inquiring. It could save wasted time and effort for all involved.

VP began as an intended second advent of pulp fiction/men’s adventure in an electronic format–somewhat motivated by the quixotic desire to counteract all the feminization and dumbing-down that has wreaked havoc on the male of the species. That’s still part of what we’re about, but we’re in an ongoing process of removing self-imposed restrictions.

In our fiction, we don’t merely duplicate the material we enjoyed as boys and young men. Our efforts concentrate on retaining the attractive elements (namely action, adventure, and larger-than-life characters) while perfecting the weak links in much pulp and men’s fiction in years gone by (plotting, character development, accuracy in details, etc.). Our fiction also provides readers a respite from the obligatory feminist tropes and typical left-wing bias which permeates nearly every form and item of entertainment available today. (Available anywhere else, that is.)

We’re expanding into some non-fiction and even videos. But in addition to generating our own material, we’re always on the lookout for those diamonds in the rough…and of course we share our findings with those of similar tastes–mostly through this blog.

About the Two-Fisted Blogger:

Hank Brown became a blogger by accident…if you believe in accidents.

I was attempting to take advantage of something Google offered, was filling in fields on page after page of especially tedious registration forms, and budaboom! Next thing I know, I have my own blog.

That’s not the whole story, though. Truth is, I had considered blogging before, but decided against it because I already had too many things competing for my limited time.

“It’s an omen!” sez I. “I shall become a bat.” Oops. No, wait…wrong Omen Reaction Vow. Sorry, Bruce. “I shall become a blogger,” sez I.

It was destiny, see? The Two-Fisted Blog was soon in business, providing an online “man cave” for those who love books, movies and other entertainment with a high testosterone quotient. 2FB is still in business, giving folks around the world the skinny on old stuff you may have missed, and new stuff you may not yet have discovered.

The Two-Fisted Blogger separates the men from the manginas. And the top action adventure movies from the wastes of celluloid. And the best action adventure books from the pap and drivel. The coolest games from the foolish and lame.

He doesn’t always pull punches.

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    1. Hi Chris; thanks for the interest. I still have a twitter account (MachineTrooper) but don’t tweet a lot. I’m reducing my Internet presence but will probably continue blogging here for the forseeable future. Also, you might want to check out this site:

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