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A Rock & Roll Pioneer Dies

I am interrupting Speed Week Plus because I just found out that Chuck Berry died Saturday.

Elvis is still called the king of rock & roll but aside from vocal talent, Chuck had him beat in almost every way. He was a virtuoso with the guitar, wrote clever lyrics and was quite the crazy-legged entertainer on stage for both males and females. He also was the first to cross over the color line in music. Prior to Chuck Berry, white kids would only listen to “race records” on the down low.

ChuckBerry2Ironically, this is not necessarily an interruption of Speed Week, because Chuck Berry was not only a pioneer of rock & roll, but put his love of horsepower into some famous songs that still rock the house to this day. “You Can’t Catch Me” is a musical version of a fantasy many gearheads have probably entertained while wishing they could just rip down the open road at Ludicrous Speed without worrying about going to jail or having mandatory Insurance rates shoot up into the stratosphere. “Maybelline” has been a personal inspiration in many ways. For one, I named my favorite Street Machine after that song title. There is also a subplot in Fast Cars and Rock & Roll that is based on the lyrical Adventure in his invincible V-8 Ford.

The selection below is chosen because it plays on a red pill/neomasculine view of Sexual Market Value (SMV), but in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. His humorous lyrics are catchy and the guitar solo is understated but deft.

I read his autobiography and the man definitely had his flaws. But for a few golden years there in the mid-to-late 1950s, his musical genius really shined. Rest in peace, Chuck.


Hillary Wants the Presidency

It’s actually rather pathetic how desperate the Government-Media-Entertainment Complex is to install Hillary RODHAM-Clinton in the White House–from the ongoing coverups, to the gaslighting about her bald-faced lies, to manipulating polls , to blatantly rigging the presidential election to such an extent that the 2012 results would seem legitimate by comparison.

We’re at it again with the song parodies. Enjoy. Share. Like.

Well, many in the “Alt Right” have been pining for a dictator, and to sweep “muh Constitution” and “muh ‘Merica” into the dustbin of history. The Klinton Mafia plans to give them what they’re asking for, good and hard. Since the “Alt Right” are incapable of grasping the Laws of Unintended Consequences in the abstract, they will learn the hard way, by experience.

And drag the rest of us down with them.



The Puppies are Coming! A Preview of the 2016 Hugo Awards

It’s almost that time again, folks: the next battle in the Hugo Wars (a subset of the culture war at large).

What started as a joke by Larry Correia criticizing the Cultural Marxist Cabal that hijacked sci-fi/fantasy publishing, fandom, and the Hugo Awards in particular, has blossomed into a revolution on one front of pop culture.

SJWs can’t make up their hive mind whether the Narrative should paint the puppies as pathetic ankle-biters of laughable significance, or beastly Hun savages assaulting the Ramparts of Progress, threatening the very existence of humanity. Usually they’ll make both arguments in the same screed.

Last year it was more difficult to laugh off the Puppies, since pink SF/F was mostly supplanted by non-SJW nominations in the 2015 Hugos. Pinkshirts reacted predictably with the nuclear “no award” option, since they would rather nobody win a Hugo than see one awarded to a book that doesn’t conform to The Narrative.

The latest Virtual Pulp video has just gone live on Hank Brown’s Youtube page. It should help you put the whole controversy in perspective.

INDEPENDENCE DAY (Up Yours, New World Order.)

It’s pretty sad what has happened to our holidays. Thanksgiving has become Turkey Day; Christmas is now Santa Clause Day, and the Fourth of July has become Fireworks Day. This loss of our American (Judeo-Christian)  heritage was well underway by the time I was born, but I at least had the opportunity to educate myself.

For the record, the American Revolution did not begin with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Nor did it start at the Boston Tea Party. The war began at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775, when “right-wing extremists” opposed the forces of offshore interests who came to enforce “gun control” and disarm the militia.

This project was conceived as a book trailer for Henry Brown’s apocalyptic novel False Flag. The plan was to use the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid). Just a quick 30 seconds and out.

Trouble was, after 30 seconds, Wagner’s Death of Siegfried just refused to be faded down. The music causes shivers and goose bumps, and demands to be played through to the end. Whatever Wagner’s personal ideology was, the man was one helluva composer.

Then the pendulum swung in the opposite direction on the project–enormous sequences based on the Bill of Rights, and montages contrasting Norman Rockwell’s America with what we have now…it was a lot of work, and after spending most of a weekend editing, it was only becoming more ambitious.

The Voice of Reason spoke up, and most of those set-piece montages were scrapped. A couple rough spots remained but further revisions were forbidden and we got it uploaded.

Below is another ambitious sequence driven by a Wagner soundtrack…but with a slightly (cough!) bigger budget to work with:

As you’re watching the fireworks tonight, remember that the pretty rockets and aesthetic explosions were meant to remind us that our nation was forged in war. Our freedom was not handed to our forefathers on a platter, as it was to us. It was not cheap. The liberty we have taken for granted was purchased with human blood.

Because we have taken it for granted, it is being stripped from us as I write this. At this late hour, it will not be inexpensive to contest the matter.