“60 Minute Man (the Hugo Wars)”

All about the Hugo Awards; the Sad and Rabid Puppies.

“The New World Order Blues (Lapdog Network News)”

(To the tune of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues.”)


It’s no use to raise a fuss, it’s too late to raise a holler,
They been workin’ hunnert years gettin’ prepped to crash the dollar.

When they rape the middle class, how do they give us thanks?
“Let’s give more aid to Muslims while we bail out the banks.”

You scoff at all the warnings; you’re blind to all the clues;
And you’ll never learn the truth watchin’ lapdog network news.

They violate our rights (to keep us safe, is what you’re hopin’),
While they go out their way to keep the border wide open.

Well I called my Congressman and he said, quote:
“We’ve got enough illegals now, I don’t need your vote.”

You scoff at all the warnings; you’re blind to all the clues;
And you’ll never learn the truth watchin’ lapdog network news.

Agenda 21 will require occupation.
Soon to be enforced by the United Nations.

(ALTERNATE: Right around the corner is hyper-inflation
And the Pope is gettin’ cozy with the United Nations.)

(ALTERNATE: Put your faith in Big Brother; he’s got your future planned.)
If it doesn’t bow to Gaia it will very soon be banned.
“And you need to take this mark, on your forehead or right hand.”

You’re thinkin’ the solution is Bush or Trump or Cruz
But they ain’t no cure for the New World Order Blues.

“Why You Got Obama (the Left-Right Blues)”

(To the tune of “That’s Alright, Mama”–Presley’s version.)


Who should you call racist?
You learn this on the news:
Anyone winning an argument,
To the right of Chris Matthews.
You know I’m right
I’m in the right
I’m in my right mind
That’s why I blow a fuse.
(ALTERNATE: That’s why I sing the blues.)

Lenin was a leftist
But Hitler was left-wing, too.
You better change the definition
So we don’t catch wise to you.
Proclaim and write:
He was on the right.
Paint him a right-wing icon
And thus disguise YOUR views.

The NeoCons and RINOs
How they love to lose.
Those judas goats hijack our votes
But folks ain’t got a clue.
And that is why…

Why you got Obama
Because you don’t love the truth.

That’s why you got Obama…
I guess you serve him
Because you deserve him.
You deserve Obama
So stew in your own juice.


“House of the Rising BS”

(To the tune of “House of the Rising Sun”–the Animals’ version.)


There is a force in politics
Led by the Democrats,
Supposed to be the Little Guy’s friend,
Those traitors and fat cats.

Your mother was a trader
Food stamps for crack cocaine.
Your father was a union man
His dues were half his brain.

Now there’s two things a socialist needs:
A crisis and victims.
And the only time they’ll be satisfied
Is when your freedom’s gone.

Oh voters, pay no attention
To the damage they’ve already done.
Regurgitate the lies and myths
Of the press and Washington.

Just swallow, blind, their platform.
Assume they feel your pain.
March down to cast your multiple votes
To earn your ball and chain.

There is a cancer spreading out
From the bowels of Washington,
And it’s been the incremental ruin
Of our once great nation.

This one might be an unusual approach to a book trailer. It addresses some themes of False Flag, rather than the plot:

It was also a goal to convey the message with music and images, rather than words (except for some contextual quotes–from history; not the novel).


Here’s a book trailer for Hell and Gone.

While playing around with Youtube titles I once listed it as “Osama Bin Laden Gets Machinegunned Into Swiss Cheese!” A week later came the news that OBL had, indeed, been killed.

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