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A Rock & Roll Pioneer Dies

I am interrupting Speed Week Plus because I just found out that Chuck Berry died Saturday.

Elvis is still called the king of rock & roll but aside from vocal talent, Chuck had him beat in almost every way. He was a virtuoso with the guitar, wrote clever lyrics and was quite the crazy-legged entertainer on stage for both males and females. He also was the first to cross over the color line in music. Prior to Chuck Berry, white kids would only listen to “race records” on the down low.

ChuckBerry2Ironically, this is not necessarily an interruption of Speed Week, because Chuck Berry was not only a pioneer of rock & roll, but put his love of horsepower into some famous songs that still rock the house to this day. “You Can’t Catch Me” is a musical version of a fantasy many gearheads have probably entertained while wishing they could just rip down the open road at Ludicrous Speed without worrying about going to jail or having mandatory Insurance rates shoot up into the stratosphere. “Maybelline” has been a personal inspiration in many ways. For one, I named my favorite Street Machine after that song title. There is also a subplot in Fast Cars and Rock & Roll that is based on the lyrical Adventure in his invincible V-8 Ford.

The selection below is chosen because it plays on a red pill/neomasculine view of Sexual Market Value (SMV), but in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. His humorous lyrics are catchy and the guitar solo is understated but deft.

I read his autobiography and the man definitely had his flaws. But for a few golden years there in the mid-to-late 1950s, his musical genius really shined. Rest in peace, Chuck.

McCarthyism, “Witch Hunts,” and Coincidence Theory

A lot of people in 2017 are aware of the deceitfulness of the mainstream media, academia, and Hollywood, and the duplicity of those in government. But it would no doubt surprise them to learn this is nothing new. It’s been going on for generations–but with no alternative media to blow the whistle on them.

Before “triggering,” “microagressions,” and “safe spaces” came out of the SJW vocabulary to infect our everyday language, one of the old-school terms left-wingers liked to throw around was “McCarthyism.” Ironically, the term is used to describe what they (leftists/SJWs/feminists, etc.) do to people who challenge their Narrative. Use your own money to support a cause they don’t like:  admit in private that you believe in creationism; wear a T-shirt that they determine “sexist; or even just make a “dongle joke” to a friend; and they will launch a witch hunt of their own that won’t stop until you are fired from your job, or worse.

“McCarthyism” got it’s name from Senator Joseph McCarthy, who noticed our government being hijacked after WWII (actually, it started well before that). It turns out, with declassified documents and a non-hysterical examination of the facts in retrospect, that he was absolutely right in his whistle-blowing. (Not that truth matters to those who craft The Narrative.)

What McCarthy began to uncover was an orchestrated effort to usurp our Constitutional republic. But hell hath no fury like a conspiracy exposed, and it is the Deep State’s M.O. to assassinate the character of anybody who might be taken seriously, who would shine a light on the pattern and connect the dots.

Coincidence theorists, of course, will find some excuse to reject what stares us in the face. And the speaker in this video, himself, might be one, despite all the dots he highlights, just begging to be connected.

Stefan Molyneux has really done a good job assembling a lot of pertinent information. He gives an in-depth background so we have a context to put it in and compiling it into a pretty thorough presentation. Then he breaks down what McCarthy and his contemporaries actually did. If you’ve got the attention span, this is well worth the time it takes to listen.

Dialog at Twilight’s Last Gleaming #2

This conversation took place during the New York demonstrations against the results of the election.


SILVER SPOON BLACK WOMAN: This country was built on the oppression of dark people!

WORKING CLASS WHITE MAN: First of all, slavery was brought over here before there was a United States of America. Second, we fought a war to end slavery. We fought and killed our brothers and cousins to free the slaves, because we’re “so racist.” Slavery lasted about 80 years here. Care to compare that to another country? Take your pick: Africa, Asia, Europe, Central or South America…pick your continent.

SSBW: Slavery wasn’t as brutal  in other countries. It was more like just being servants. It’s America that made it such a dehumanizing thing.

WCWM: (Scoffs) You’ve been watching too much TV. African slaves in Latin America were treated much worse than in the USA.

SSBW: That’s just what you say. You don’t know that.

WCWM: I study history because I want to know the truth. You should try it. The information’s out there. You read a few memes on Facebook and assume you know everything there is to know.

SSBW: And so what if you ended slavery? That’s nothing to pat yourself on the back about. The fact is, you still did it. And you took this land from the people who were here before, so it’s hypocritical to want to keep other people from coming in and taking it away from you.

WCWM: Can you name one country where the territory wasn’t won by a group that displaced another group? Why is nothing bad unless Americans do it?

SSBW: I’m talking about this country. This is the one I live in. And just because other countries have done something doesn’t make it right when America does it.

WCWM: So the standard for America is perfection, but every other country can do whatever, and are superior in your eyes?

SSBW: I didn’t say they are superior.

WCWM: You want to make us just like them. And you act like I’m wrong because I don’t want their invasion of us to continue. Why is that?

SSBC: The point is, this is a racist country, and you’re too blinded by your white privilege to understand what I go through as a person of color.

WCWM: I understand. You’re given scholarships for nothing but being born your color. You’re given hiring preference for nothing but being born your color. All by oppressive, racist America. You poor victim.

SSBW: Those things are just compensation for what we have to go through every day in life just because of the color we were born with.

WCWM: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting how oppressed you’ve been. Your parents weren’t allowed to work any job except maids or butlers; you weren’t allowed to live in a well-to-do suburb; you were denied an expensive education and you weren’t given a six-figure job right out of college.

SSBW: I had to work for all those things!

WCWM: Ah, so you’re a victim because you have to work for something? They should have just handed it all to you because you’re black?

SSBW: (Under breath, grumbling) People who never experience prejudice just can’t see it.

WCWC: Now you’re assuming I’ve never experienced bigotry, and you assume it because of my skin color. That’s textbook prejudice, right there.

Election Fraud in Key Battleground State

It’s happening all over, and looks like it will make 2012′s election look legitimate by comparison.

This report is about Broward County in Florida, and is not the usual fraud involving dead voters, serial voters and illegal aliens voting. This is election officials taking the matter into their own hands to ensure Hillary Clinton is installed in the White House.

Mike Cernovich, who moonlights as an investigative reporter, has a link to the relevant affidavit.


Bam! Hell & Gone is a Bestseller

Recently I organized a little media blitz for my debut shoot-’em-up, and ran a 99 cent promotion. The results have been encouraging.


I’m not a full-time author (I still work a “real” job, drat the luck), so I’m not able to sit at a computer all day and track rankings. The best I saw was that Hell & Gone hit #1 bestseller in war, pulp, and men’s adventure, and reached #70 on the top “paid in Kindle store” on Tuesday night. It was inside the top 50 in some other categories, too, but I don’t know where it peaked. Could a healthy number of reviews/increased visibility be forthcoming? You can bet I’ll be paying attention, when I can.

I’m not sure how many sales I’m getting on Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Noble, where it’s also on sale for 99 cents. (BTW both Hell & Gone and Tier Zero are also available as Audible audio books.)


I also have a 99 cent promotion scheduled to start Saturday (November 5) for False Flag, the third book in The Retreads series. I don’t have the same level of media blitz lined up, and it’s a darker/more controversial storyline, so I don’t expect the same caliber of spike. However, Election Day happens right in the middle of the promo, and approximately 40% of those who go to the polls will be voting to make this speculative dystopia a reality. So it’s kinda’ fitting.

UPDATE: The sales reports are trickling in from other stores, starting with Barnes & Noble. Don’t know where it put me on their algorithm, but I see a boatload of sales. I need to do this again.


How Important Is Freedom?


obama2ndcomingIt’s old news now, but the mainstream media used terms like “messiah” and “savior” when Barrack Hussein Obama came up out of the abyss to be installed into the White House.

There are more people now than ever who are beginning to understand that the mainstream media is utterly corrupt, and nothing more than the propaganda ministry of the Democrat Party (plus the globalist elites who pull the strings of our elected “representatives”obamanewhope from both parties). The press spends more time and effort suppressing news than reporting it. And yet, perhaps 40% of the population in North America believes whatever the MSM tells them to believe.

Obedient to that lapdog media, certain demographics have worshiped Obama since they first were informed of his existence in 2008. Enthusiasm has waned overall since his carefully orchestrated meteoric rise, but the left still irrationally defends anything and everything Hussein does. obamagodkingWhen he betrays our country, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, abuses power, and defies the law he swore to uphold, they have ways to rationalize all of it. Their rationalizations are various levels of ridiculous, but when Hussein is in conflict with the law, they determine the law to be wrong, every time.

The lapdog media is hardly the only culprit. The narrative-spinners of Hollywood do their part to program the leftist hive mind, too.

If you think Gwyneth Paltrow’s fawning over this fraud is sickening, just listen to this ignorance in action:

As pathetic and stupid as Chris Rock’s comments are, Jamie Fox, in a horrific moment of transparency at the Soul Train Awards, reveals what is really going on in the hive mind. Notice how the crowd reacts to what he says:

Obviously, this contempt for our country and its laws, and deification of a shady, entitled, deadbeat fraud lacking the qualifications to run for mosquito control czar in Buttwater, Illinois, has trickled down into the ovine intellects of the useful idiots occupying our major population centers.

But now, as an alternative, we have…


As perverse and disgusting as the willful ignorance of the left is, is it any trumpnapoleonbetter in the “alt right” countermovement?

The law of the land is the Constitution of the United States of America. Both elected and unelected officials are still required to take an oath to uphold it. It is the very authority for their respective offices, in fact.

Whereas leftists destroy rule of law by reinterpreting it away to suit their own agenda(s), the “alt right” are openly trumpgodkingcontemptuous of it and anyone who respects it. “It’s (the current year) you losers! Freedom is for un-hip midwits; muh white tribalism is all that matters!”

(At least the “alt right” is honest about their contempt for individual liberty. True to their nature, leftists try to hide their totalitarian aspirations behind language designed to sell it as the opposite of what it actually is.)

Since they openly despise individual, unalienable rights; the rule of law; separation of powers; a representative government and all the other blessings we inherited as citizens of the USA…what would they replace it with?god-emperor?

They would have a “god-king” instead. Browse around in the “alt right” spectrum of the web, and you can’t help but run into this utopian pining after a god-emporer.


There once was an attractive young woman who considered herself a special snowflake. While flirting with a rich man, she was asked what it would take for her to go to bed with him.

Would flattery get her into bed?

“Absolutely not.”

How about flowers, gifts, and other romantic gestures?

“No. I’m too smart to be manipulated.”

How about a lifetime commitment and promises of eternal faithfulness?

“I’m afraid that’s not enough, by itself.”

How about a million bucks in cash?

The woman’s eyes flashed, as she thought about what she could do with that money. She’d be set for the rest of her life and never have to work again. She could eat and live however she wanted and spoil herself with the finest things, all for giving this rich dude a few minutes of pleasure. A few hours, tops.

“Why? Do you have a million you’re willing to give me?”

“Hold that thought,” says the rich man. “Now that we’ve determined what you are, we can negotiate price.”

Both the left and the “alt right” want a dictator. So far their main point of contention is mostly superficial: what should their desired god-emperor look like? Do they want one who promises a globalist, or nationalist, utopia? Etc. (That last one, by the way, is the essential difference between a Communist  and a Nazi.)

Now that we know what they are, all that remains is to negotiate all those superficial details, until a god-dictator is presented who can unite them into one ovine serfdom.

Strangely enough, we were warned about 2,000 years ago that just such a god-emperor is coming.

…The whole earth marveled as they followed the beast. And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”

And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months. It opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven. Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation, and all who dwell on earth will worship it…

Revelation 13:3-8

Dialog at Twilight’s Last Gleaming #1

There’s some notable conversations taking place in “flyover country” these days. I think I’ll document some of them.

NGV: I know (our co-worker) has a family to provide for, but stealing from the company…pissing off the customers…I don’t see how they wouldn’t fire him.

RAV: I don’t want anybody to lose their job–especially in this economy. He needs to go on welfare or something, because he’s damaging our reputation.

NGV: I feel bad for his family, though.

RAV: Yeah. There ain’t that many jobs out there, and frankly, depending on what happens in this election, there might not be an America for much longer. It could be a lot more like Brazil or Venezuela pretty soon.

NGV: Speaking of that, when the shit hits the fan, you’re welcome to bring your family and follow me to (redacted) in Idaho.

RAV: No kidding? (Wow, he’s a lot more prepared than I thought.)

NGV: Yeah, seriously. If all you’ve got is your bug-out bag, that’s cool. Ammunition won’t be a problem, either–we’ve got plenty to share.

RAV: Oh yeah? (Holy cow, he’s blowing OPSEC all to hell. Doesn’t he realize we’re talking on cellphones?) I don’t know where I’ll be when the day comes, or what my travel options will be, but I really do appreciate that. (I just wish you’d be wiser about what you say on an unsecured line.)

Big Fork is Here!

Some of us have been waiting a long time for this–online resources and social networks that are not a part of the left-wing hive mind.

First off, and most exciting to me, is an alternative to wikipedia:


(The Planetary Knowledge Core)

Then there is the alternative to twitter:


…And I’m on it. You can find me @MachineTrooper.

And (completing a short, chronologically backwards list) there is an alternative to the borg browsers which collaborate with the NSA’s domestic spying, censoring information which contradicts The Narrative, etc:


These alternatives are young; at least one of them (Gab) is still in beta testing mode; but I am using all three and am very pleased to finally have a choice. If you are able, and inclined, your donations to any or all of these efforts would certainly help them succeed.


PS: I quit Faceborg some time ago, and don’t plan on ever going back. I have created an account at MeWe, however, and occasionally post there. So far, they seem to support free speech.


Riot of the Month

“Black Lives Matter” is at it again, this time in Charlotte, NC. The excuse for looting, destroying, and attacking innocent people is another police shooting.

Frankly, something stinks about both versions of the story. The Sacrosanct Victim Class is claiming that Keith Lamont Scott was reading a book inside his car when police fatally shot him for being black. The police say they were on the scene to serve a warrant on someone else, when the victim emerged from his vehicle brandishing a gun, and refused to drop it after being repeatedly ordered to disarm. The truth might be somewhere between these implausible narratives, but who cares what is true anymore?

Certainly not #FactsDon’tMatter #BlackLivesMatter.

WND reports:

A crowd of more than 200 protesters gathered in the neighborhood, which is about a mile from the campus of the University of North Carolina, after the shooting.

They could be heard yelling, “Black lives matter,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Some threw rocks and bottles at police and damaged police vehicles. Some of the officers, who were clad in riot gear, fired tear gas to break up the crowd.

“We out like the Taliban!” one rioter could be heard yelling on a Facebook Live broadcast of the protests, reported the Daily Caller.

“We ain’t playin’ no motherf—in’ games, nigga!” a man yelled.

“This ain’t no one-day action!” another cried. “This is the first time people standing up!”

Sixteen police officers were injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock,  and at least seven civilians were taken to hospitals, officials said.

Later, rioters blocked Interstate 85, one of two major expressways running through Charlotte.

TV footage showed people hurling objects at motorists inside their vehicles and breaking into semi-trucks and stealing their contents. A fire was set to block the lanes of traffic and a nearby Walmart store was also looted.

A Walmart employee told the local TV station some electronic equipment was stolen, including a flat-screen television and iPads.

Well, I’m certainly inspired by their valiant quest for justice. In fact, I’m so inspired, I may just take to the streets myself and smash some windows, steal some iPads and ambush random traffic on the highway, as a statement of social justice. …After flogging myself, of course, since the skin pigmentation I was born with automatically makes me guilty of centuries of oppression against entitled hood rats. As soon as George Soros wires me the money, I’ll bring racial harmony to a town near you by agitating a mob of no account parasites into throwing violent tantrums with bricks, rocks and incendiary implements.


Churchianity and the Biblical Worldview

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are following a different gospel—not that there really is another gospel, but there are some who are disturbing you and wanting to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we (or an angel from heaven) should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be condemned to hell! As we have said before, and now I say again, if any one is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, let him be condemned to hell!

-Galatians 1:6-9

Previously, I contrasted the Biblical worldview with some political affiliations: the Left Wing (“liberals” for those who insist on using Newspeak); the NeoCons/RINOs/cucks; and the “Alt Right.” Of course there are more out there, but those seem to be the three most significant camps  right now.

Identifying churchianity and determining how it stacks up against the Biblical worldview is more important than any of the other comparisons by far, for a few reasons. It is a perversion of Christianity itself, for starters.

Churchianity can be found in all political affiliations and demographics. But churchians don’t identify themselves by this term and would take offense to be called “churchian.” They identify themselves as (and most believe they are) Christians.

What is a Christian? Most would agree that a Christian is a follower or disciple of Christ. So lets remember just a sample of proclamations that Christ made:

  • Christ is the only way to God the Father–there is no way except through Him. (John 14:6)
  • Only those who do the will of God the Father will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 7:21)
  • Christ’s disciples continually follow His teachings. (John 8:31)
  • Christ and the Father are one. (John 10:30)
  • Christ’s words will never pass away. (Luke 21:33)

The Church, as Jesus defined it, is made up of His followers. The Church  transcends time, geography and ethnicity. The WASP down the street from you, the African convert in the 19th Century, and the very first disciples–Jews who lived in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago–are all part of the Church. But because human beings are careless in their terminology, “church” has come to mean a specific congregation, a worship service, and/or the building where that worship service takes place. Rarely is “church” used the way Jesus used it. To avoid confusion, I’m typing a capital “C” when using the Biblical definition.

“Churchian,” then, identifies a person or people who “go to church,” but who do not follow Biblical teaching. Their belief system isn’t Christian (though it appears so to the world, and to many who have only a superficial Biblical understanding), but is formed more by church traditions, by humanistic philosophies, popular opinion, and emotion.

Politically speaking, it is easy to conflate churchianity with cuckservatism, because most white “evangelicals” and “fundamentalists” are cucks. However, multiple political stripes run through mainstream churchianity. The enemy will use whatever flavor of deception is needed to steer people away from the truth, on a case-by-case basis.

The common denominator among all churchians is that, to one degree or another, they reject or ignore Biblical teaching, in favor of what their itching ears want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3-4).



Nearly every churchian has been taught, believes, and regurgitates a feminized gospel.

  • Many parts of the Bible will never be taught because they seem “sexist” or “misogynistic” by our lofty 21st Century standards.
  • If those parts are ever read aloud, it is only to explain them away as not meaning what they obviously mean.
  • This is most blatant when it comes to the Biblical instructions given to wives and husbands.
  • Females are considered innately pure. They do not have a fallen nature like males do. Usually the only sin they are capable of is not having a big enough ego.
  • Single mothers are heroic role models. Any time a woman appears to be sinful (and the sin can’t be denied or rationalized away) it is presumed to ultimately be the fault of a man or men.
  • “Submission” doesn’t really mean what it means. Except in Ephesians 5:21.  But not in the very next verse.
  • Ephesians 5:21 means husbands should submit to their wives. 5:22 (which was clearly conceived by some sexist scribe, not by God, because equality) if it means anything at all, means the wife can pay her husband a compliment now and then, if he has faithfully catered to her every whim.
  • Unlike women, men are untrustworthy brutes who will become abusive monsters if the the Bible is not revised, reinterpreted, and/or selectively taught. Because (insert anecdotal example of an abusive husband, real or fictional).
  • God approves of female leadership in church, despite everything in His written word. He only allowed those mean, sexist things (1 Cor. 14:34-35; 1 Tim. 2:12) in the Bible because the chauvenistic simpletons of the past might have taken offense if He had addressed them at the level of our 21st Century sophistication. And you know God is afraid of offending anyone, evident by how His Messiah (Christ) routinely addressed the religious authorities of His day. (Luke 3:7; 12:56; 13:15; Matt. 12:34; 15:7; 23:13, 29, 33; etc.)
  • Masculinity is feared. But rather than admit this, churchians redefine masculinity out of existence: a “real man” is a supplicating, effeminate white knight who lives to serve the female imperative.


Churchians elevate Romans 13 as possibly more important than any/every other part of the Bible. Specific to America, they ignore  that the people are the lawful authority and the politicians are our public servants. They also don’t bother to research the word translated “authority” or study the matter out.

So, according to the churchian gospel, the Bolsheviks were wrong to oppose the Czar; but once they were in power, it was wrong for Lenin to usurp them; yet once Lenin and the Soviets were in power, it was wrong for the Russian people to resist the Soviets, because they were appointed by God to rule righteously and carry out God’s justice.

The French Revolution was wrong, see, until it obtained power. Then it was wrong for Napoleon to overthrow the revolutionary oligarchy. But once he did, it was wrong to oppose Napoleon because he was established by God and didn’t bear the sword in vain.

I am wrong to oppose the criminal traitors in Washington; but if I stage a coup tomorrow and overthrow them, then announce myself dictator for life, then I am the righteous authority appointed by God and you are obligated to submit to my rule. See how it works?

In other words, God approves of everything happening on Planet Earth. It is all His will. Might equals Right and whoever comes to power, by whatever means, automatically has His blessing. Some observers note that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. According to churchian dogma, power purifies, and simply attaining power, all by itself, makes a ruler automatically righteous, legitimate, and a co-regent with God. Every God-hating authority from the King of Sodom to the coming world dictator (the “beast” of Revelation) is a legitimate ruler in god’s sight. God acted against His own doctrine by having Moses oppose Pharaoh, if you follow this logic out.

The popular understanding of Romans 13 is thoroughly NeoCon–another reason it’s easy to conflate cuckservatism with churchianity. For obvious reasons, Romans 13 is also the favorite cherry-picking of the God-haters who are “fundamentally transforming” our country into a third-world police state. “Render unto Caesar” is another misused favorite.


Churchianity runs the gamut from those who deny the supernatural, to those so desperate to witness the supernatural that they will try to fake spiritual gifts.


Popular opinion is more important to the leadership of churchianity than anything God says. One reason they have adopted a different gospel is because they fear offending the world with the real one.

In one of Jesus’ sheep-herding analogies, He teaches that the good shepherd will leave the flock unattended to go find one sheep that has gone astray, and bring it back under his protection. (Matthew 18:12) In the typical church of today, the shepherd would rather lose the one soul who is earnestly seeking the kingdom of God, than offend the 99 churchians who are there out of tradition, to make a withdrawal from the Spiritual ATM, and to hear the feel-good message their ears are itching for.

Church attendance (and, not coincidentally, tithe revenue) is supreme in the “seeker friendly” churches. The Great Commission? (Mark 16:15) Not so much. The Gospel must be modified or watered down, lest attendance suffer because too many people were convicted by the full counsel of God.

Lets Have Church

The Feminized Gospel is universal. Then, for the materialistic Mamon worshipers (Luke 16:13), there is the Prosperity Gospel. For the minority tribalist/victim class churchians there is the Social Justice Gospel. For white nationalists, I’m sure there’s a Caucasian Supremacy Gospel. Whatever your itching ears want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3), churchianity has a “gospel” to appeal to you.

Because popular opinion is more important than God’s will, homosexuality is rarely condemned. In fact, ever more frequently, it is embraced. Lifestyle sodomites are being welcomed into the clergy and even ordained. It’s just a trickle now, but the flood is surely coming. Preachers and priests still boldly rail against divorce at every opportunity, because divorcees haven’t formed powerful lobbyist groups that have co-opted the courts into persecuting those who criticize divorce. To speak the truth about sodomy might actually cost you something, these days.

Some churchians have adopted a “Many Paths to God” Gospel, which is the New Age idea that Jesus is just one way of many to salvation. For instance, I’m sure you’ve heard the churchian declarations that Allah is just the Arabic name for the Hebrew/Christian God, and Muslims serve the same entity that Christians do.


This is related to the above segment. Propriety is an idol in the Temple of Churchianity.

The Bible is Rated “R” by churchian standards. It documents sex and violence that is simply too risque` to ever be read aloud in churchian company, much less inside a church building. Imagine (gasp!) if children were to hear/read such sordid accounts! Better to let the world teach them about sex and other aspects of human reality.

Which it will.

Conversely, churchians will watch movies and TV shows that glorify adultery, sodomy, etc; that blaspheme, or try to convince the audience God doesn’t even exist; that whitewashes witchcraft and manufactures obsession about demons, ghosts, vampires or werewolves; which deceive the audience about what is in the Bible and bear false witness about God Himself…and yet they cringe only when the dialog includes cuss words.

To many churchians, anything goes. Except if you utter a synonym for excrement which begins with an “S” instead of a “P”. Then you have broken the Ultimate Commandment. You can  misuse the Lord’s name and many churchians won’t bat an eye; but let an F-bomb slip out in conversation and they will question your salvation.


The culture at large is completely deceived about what love is, and churchians are no different. We have been hoodwinked by all the pop songs, movies and books focused on romance. We assume that love is an emotion.

chippingawayWhen you speak the truth and it makes somebody feel bad, the churchian is quick to denounce you for not speaking “in love.”

Most of Jesus’ ministry was spent telling people what they didn’t want to hear. Yet all of His life here in mortal flesh, from the manger to the cross, was a testimony of love.

Furthermore, although God has perfect love, don’t fool yourself: He also has perfect judgment and perfect wrath. He is not Santa Clause.

Thankfully for all of us, God is longsuffering. But there is coming a day when it will be too late to accept His mercy.

Your refusal to believe in something does not revoke its existence, despite what some philosophers may teach. Hell is real, and you are going there if you reject salvation.


We were warned that there would come a great apostasy (“rebellion” or “falling away” in some translations) of the Church toward the conclusion of history. (1 Tim. 4:1-2; 2 Thess. 2:3; Matt. 24:12)

It is happening now.