All Virtual Pulp titles are now DRM-free. DRM was sold to authors as a protection against copyright infringement. What we learned it actually does is keep readers from sharing books they’ve bought, prevent them from reading a book on multiple devices, etc. We plan on never opting for DRM again.



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Hell and Gone


This rag-tag gang of has-beens has never worked together before, but Dwight “Rocco” Cavarra has less than a week to train them and lead them on the hairiest operation of their lives. It’s not bad enough that they have to plow through an African civil war, infiltrate a fortified terrorist encampment and steal a black market tactical nuke from a mob of fanatic sociopaths – there are Israeli wild cards in play: two death-dealing Mossad agents who don’t necessarily share Cavarra’s agenda. When the mission is compromised before it has even started, Rocco and his Retreads are caught between bloodthirsty local warlords and the genocidal government in a fight to the death. And this battle might be just the first in the next world war.

 Tier Zero



Tommy Scarred Wolf thought he had smelled the powder for the last time ten years ago. Then somebody messed with his family.

With no government willing or able to help out, it’s up to Tommy and his detective brother, Vince, to find Vince’s kidnapped daughter halfway around the world. But rescuing her is going to take funding, firepower, and friends. Fortunately, Tommy knows some shooters just crazy enough to tag along–including some survivors from his last suicide mission: retired SEAL team commander Rocco Cavarra; former Delta Force operator Jake McCallum; and the unflappable sniper Leon Campbell.


On the ocean, in the jungle, and an urban purgatory, Tommy Scarred Wolf and his warrior brothers will face human traffickers, modern-day pirates, a typhoon, and an ultra-secret black ops team so dangerous even the CIA can’t touch them. There’s something far more sinister than just “white slavery” going on here, and it’s about to ram these men through a crucible which may never end…except in death.

False Flag


Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

So said a famous political insider, summing up the attitude of power-hungry statists since time immemorial. Was 1930s Germany the only time and place where crises were manufactured when there were none handy to exploit?

Joshua Rennenkampf discovers evidence of what might be just such a false flag attack in the making. Rocco Cavarra is tipped off about a secret hit list of “potential domestic terrorists.” Tommy Scarred Wolf has already lost his brother for the sin of poking his nose into government Black Ops; and now must decide whether a little more temporary tranquility for his family is worth the shock and awe to be wrought on the entire country if he fails to take action.


With harbingers of civil war and any number of other national catastrophes brewing, there will be no averting disaster if the false flag conspiracy turns out to be true. These men who have put their lives on the line for their country, so many times already, now have little choice but to treat the threat as real. And in the tumultuous political climate, their lives, fortunes and sacred honor will all be at risk.


Radical Times


Pick Garver grew up in the South. His only friends were the children of slaves owned by his tyrannical uncle. After fighting on the Union side in the War Between the States, he returns home only to find his mother is dead and the world he once knew has been turned upside down.

Murderous gangs of night riders are forming to terrorize the freed slaves. The war is far from over in the minds of many, and Pick is counted a traitor by his former neighbors. Soon bullets are flying again, and Pick Garver is surrounded by enemies at nearly every turn.

 The Bloddstained Defile


During the bloody wars of an alien world’s dark ages, loyalty, integrity and friendship are rare commodities. Why would anyone guess they could be found in the hearts of mercenaries?

A great storm, an epic battle, and three dangerous warriors…all on a collision course for a narrow mountain pass that is already a bloodstained defile.

This is the “origin story” of the Honor Triad.

 The Gryphon of Tirshal


The Honor Triad have journeyed to Javo’s native country shortly after its transition from a free republic to a monarchy. The first king of Cemar has hired the three mercenaries to rid the land of the legendary supernatural beast that lives high on Mount Tirshal, outside the city. Neither the bowlegged little horse-archer Turgar, nor the furry giant Krag the Wrecker feel comfortable with the mystical forces surrounding Tirshal, but their lust for gold outweighs their fear. The horrifying truth awaiting they and Javo at the gryphon’s perch is more chilling than the legion of reptilian predators they’ll have to fight through to reach it.

 Thus Spake the Bard


Verily, doth a man who maketh history seldom know it.

Such a man is Allan Gavin of Barnesdale, a bard and minstrel of unsurpassed cunning with verse. He slayeth no dragons, nor doth he fight in Edward III’s wars. But even as the tongue of the Britons is comingled with German, French and Latin, Allan elevates Artos the Bear, high chieftain over the Britons at the twilight of Rome’s influence, into Arthur, king of all Angland, through his artful telling of tales.

But alas, Allan’s noble friend Boudvaar, the troubadour, hath incurred the wrath of the sheriff in Nottinghamshire; and must meet the vile viscount in single combat. Allan shall accompany Boudvaar on this death march, neither bard nor troubadour fathoming that on the journey thence they should be waylaid by outlaws in Sherwood Forest.

 Virtual Pulp


For those who don’t have an e-reader and don’t want to read anything electronically, here is a paperback anthology of five shorter works that are sold individually only as e-books (well, four of them, anyway). The title may seem familiar to you–yes, this book preceded the company and website!

These two-fisted tales are for men and about men, in different genres.

 The Greater Good


Infinite crises are going to waste! Greedy businessmen are making profits! Insensitive hatemongers are trying to make it against the law to be an illegal alien! People are harboring intolerant thoughts, while others are abusing freedom of speech to broadcast incorrect opinions!

The world has never known such need for a new narrative to neuter the nefarious network of neanderthal neo-fascists knocking at the noble ramparts of progress. In a nutshell, the world needs a national agency of superheroes who know that now and then it’s necessary to negate a few nugatory individual rights for the sake of the greater good.



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The Curly Wolf


The settlers in the Redbud Valley are peaceable, God-fearing folk who try to follow the golden rule, but they’ve been pushed too far by the mayor of Blue Stone, who wants their land and seemingly has the law on his side. Just as the nesters are banding together to resist the land grab, Blue Stone’s newest deputy rides through their valley. Before they realize the sleepy-eyed youngster called Arizona is a veteran gunfighter hired to bulldoze them off their claims, he has already broken bread with them, sized up their spreads, their stock, and their ability to resist.

Young Theresa Gutierrez believes Arizona is more than a curly wolf with quick trigger fingers and a stone-cold heart, but her parents and neighbors have good reason to believe otherwise. What everyone agrees upon is that, in the brewing range war, the Arizona Kid is liable to be right smack in the midst of the killing.

 Fast Cars and Rock & Roll


Deke Jones finally has a car ready to compete in the Conquistador—a short but grueling campaign covering racetracks all over the Southwest United States. He can’t wait to challenge the rich boys with their expensive toys, but complications begin stacking up on him before the first flag drops.

First, he is invited to join Stormin’ Norman’s new rock band for a whirlwind tour. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with a musical genius and he can’t let it pass…but it’s scheduled for the very week he needs for last minute wrenching so his car can make the Conquistador’s tech inspection.


Next, he gets tangled up with beautiful bad girl Lena Castillo, just when he was patching things up with a local débutante he lost touch with after high school. Lena has a deadly superpower: the ability to turn any man stupid—and Deke Jones is no exception.

Jones also crosses paths with five-time Conquistador champ Bob Tilford, and there’s bad blood between them from the starting gun. It was going to be challenging enough racing against Tilford with his big-time sponsors, high-dollar mechanic and world-class GT car, but Tilford also has tremendous influence over race officials he doesn’t hesitate to use in his grudge against Deke Jones. To keep it all interesting, Deke’s co-driver bails on him at the last minute, with no time to scrounge up a replacement.

Get your motor runnin’. Deke Jones is gonna close this summer out with a bang, one way or another.

 Shadow Hand Blues


In 1954 budding blues virtuoso Waymon “Tornado” Fuller is executed for the murder of a North Carolina woman. In 1994 nomadic hot-rodder, moonlighting private investigator and blues aficionado Deke Jones stumbles upon Fuller’s guitar, triggering a mudslide of buried truths. Fuller’s innocence is one revelation. Another is “Shadow Hand Blues”–the last song he recorded, which Jones has never heard of.

An impromptu search for the studio where the recording session took place leads Jones to a small hippie town seemingly still enjoying the Summer of Love, where the psychodelic atmosphere turns from surreal to hostile when he begins asking questions.


Vintage Fender Telecaster in one hand, steering wheel of his radical Cyclone Spoiler II in the other, Deke Jones launches a one-man crusade to exonerate the infamous musician and find the obscure recording. The blood trails are 40 years cold, but neither corrupt good ol’ boy cops, sex industry sadists, nor fanatical pyramid-schemers can throw Deacon Jones off this case.

This investigative pilgrimage propels Jones right into the bloodstained fingers of a clandestine power elite Tornado Fuller called the Shadow Hand.





Gunnar Schmidt is a Ranger with an unfortunate reputation for brash behavior and blatant insubordination. He is also an accomplished lawman and fond of postings where few officers in the Enforcement Bureau will willingly go. A fact that has saved his career on more than one occasion. That happy balance is disrupted forever when a summons arrives from the Enforcement Bureau’s cryptic and vindictive Secretary Jasmine Weston.


Gunnar is a man of his times, but his times are coming to an end. The future belongs to Jasmine Weston and the other fanatics of the new Manifestian Church. An organization determined to obliterate any sign of the old ways and the people who practiced them.

Weston tasks Gunnar with a pointless and suicidal mission in the Terran Interstellar Republic’s far Fringe. A place where even Gunnar fears to go. A place where the Republic’s grasp is so tenuous that the locals can live as they choose despite the Church’s objections. A place patrolled as best as it can be by the Bureau’s notorious Fringemen.

It is on the Fringe’s world of Drache where Gunnar finds himself going undercover. He soon disappears into a primitive world where ancient ways have been reborn and given new life, and mutually hostile societies clash with one another. It is a world lit by fire and built of stone, where men slay each other in the arenas for the amusement of the masses. Where men and women are bought and sold for labor and for pleasure.




Tomato Can Comeback


Tom Garrick had a heart of gold, a jaw of iron, and heavy artillery in both fists. This orphan from the Windy City returned from the Korean War to battle his way up the welterweight ranks, inspiring speculation about a title bid. Then he slugged it out with a top contender who humiliated him over eleven rounds and cut short his victory march.

Popular opinion was he had been exposed as a lucky pretender. The newspapers dubbed him “Tomato Can” after watching the blood splatter around the ring like tomato juice from a tin can being battered by a tire iron.

Now, for some mysterious reason, ‘Tomato Can’ Garrick is lacing on the gloves again, hoping for a shot at redemption. He has no promoter, no manager, not even a sparring partner. The only one in his corner is a buddy from the war who has never been inside the boxing game before.

There’s a punch-drunk pantheon of bums, brawlers and cutthroat contenders just waiting to pound him into Palookaville … a lonely war widow with her claws in his heart … and a regimen of dubious training methods which may do more harm than good to his chances. But Garrick isn’t going to go down in history as “the Tomato Can” without a fight.



Jeff Clendenning was a science project, the perfect badass hero who could kill any man, and replicate himself by seducing and impregnating any woman he wanted. He was a breeder…but he didn’t know it.


He was supposed to stay in the Potemkin village lab he was born into, not thrust into a guerrilla war–an America torn by civil disobedience. And there he was, released into a world of avid fertile women. The results were fun for awhile, but then… Well, there are situations where being the perfect adventure hero will not help you.

 The Triumph of the Sun


It is 1884, and in the Sudan, decades of brutal misgovernment by the ruling Egyptian Khedive in Cairo precipitates a bloody rebellion and Holy War. The charismatic new religious leader, the Mahdi or “Expected One,” has gathered his forces of Arab warlords in preparation for a siege on the city of Khartoum. The British are forced to intervene to protect their national interests and to attempt to rescue the hundreds of British subjects stranded in the city.


Along with hundreds of others, British trader and businessman Ryder Courtney is trapped in the capital city of Khartoum under the orders of the infamously iron-willed General Charles George Gordon. It is here that he meets skilled soldier and swordsman Captain Penrod Ballantyne of the 10th Hussars and the British Consul, David Benbrook, as well as Benbrook’s three beautiful daughters. Against the vivid and bloody backdrop of the Arabs’ fierce and merciless siege these three powerful men must fight to survive.

Falling Down (Homeland #1)

We thought America would last forever. We were wrong.

Riots are daily occurrences in American cities as the dollar collapses under crushing debt. The President is assassinated and the Capitol goes up in flames. Banks close and personal accounts are erased. Coordinated terrorist attacks paralyze the country at every level. The grid falls to a mysterious cyber-attack. Then it gets worse.
When a new regime rises to bring order from chaos, it soon becomes clear that security will come at an unthinkable cost.


Homeland: Falling Down is the first installment of a new series which chronicles the trials of Americans trying to survive the total collapse of everything they know and love.

Eduardo Garcia just landed his dream job. He is finally promoted to network news anchor after years of paying his dues as a war correspondent. His first day on the job will mark the beginning of the end.

Hank Sexton is a small town sheriff struggling to protect his family and community from starvation and the chaos lurking beyond the county line.

Hank’s son, Cole, is an Army sergeant recently returned from a combat tour in Syria. He and his fellow soldiers will face hard choices when their fellow citizens are declared terrorists.

Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam War. Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the White House. Fighter pilots and Special Forces warriors try to do their best but are hampered by President Johnson, Secretary of Defense McNamara, and their staff members who despise the military. Only one aging USAF general, who fought in Korea and WWII, is on their side. His clashes with his Commander in Chief, Lyndon Johnson, are epic in proportion and startling in content.

In Rolling Thunder, the time is late 1965 and 1966 in war zone places such as Saigon, Hanoi, Bien Hoa, Da Nang, and Tahkli. While back in Washington, LBJ sits over lunch and personally picks bombing targets in an attempt to fight a limited war. In Vietnam the war knows no limits.


There, as the hostilities escalate, the fates of three men intertwine: USAF Captain Court Bannister, overshadowed by a famous movie star father who fought in WWII as a B-17 gunner, driven to confront missiles, MiGs, and nerve-grinding bombing raids in order to prove his worth to his comrades — and to himself…Air Force First Lieutenant Toby Parker, fresh from the States, who hooks up with an intelligence unit for a lark, and quickly finds his innocence buried away by the lessons of war…and Special Forces Colonel Wolf Lochert, who ventures deep into the jungle to rescue a downed pilot — only to discover a face of the enemy for which he is unprepared.

Four airline stewardesses, who fly the civilian MAC contract flights that bring American soldiers to and from the war zone in Vietnam, have difficult love affairs with G.I.s and fighter pilots. After one flight they come under attack while on an airbase.

Young American G.I.s are cursed and taunted as they return to the United States.

Through their eyes, and those of many others — pilots, soldiers, lovers, enemy agents, commanders, politicians, profiteers — Rolling Thunder shows us Vietnam as few other books have, or can. Berent captures all the intensity and drama of that searing war, and more, penetrates to the heart and soul of those who fought it. Rolling Thunder rings with authenticity.

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