My Misgivings About the Trumpening

…Are not unique, it turns out.

Hey, I love that Trump wrecked  the plans of the RINO establishment; that he is uniquely sane on the issue of immigration; and that he doesn’t kowtow to the press. Unfortunately, POTUS has to make decisions on other matters, too. And Trump is really weak on a lot of them.

The dude voted for Hussein???????? If that doesn’t raise red flags all over the “alt right,” then all hope is lost.

It’s a cult of personality propelling Trump to nomination. That is no less dangerous than the cult of personality that installed the Obamanible Hussein.

“So what if he’s in bed with the Clintons. So what if he made the most idiotic choice an alleged savvy businessman could make at the polls. So what if he believes in socialized medicine and has no respect for the privacy of citizens. I’m voting for him because alpha male.”

You really think this brand of logic is going to save/restore “western civilization”?

Here’s an earlier Whittle video that is also good:


Scalia Was a Speed Bump on the Expressway to Fundamental Transformation

Just when the Obamanible Backstabbing Treason Machine is kicking into high gear, one of the last men with the means, inclination, and backbone to impede it is found dead “OF NATURAL CAUSES” with a pillow over his face.

I’m not going to state outright that he was murdered, because I don’t know all the facts. The powers-that-be made damn well sure that we can’t know all the facts. It was determined (over the phone, no less) that there was nothing at all suspicious about Scalia’s death, and no autopsy was performed. Foul play was ruled out with no coroner or medical examiner on the scene to make that determination.

I’ve read conflicting reports about where the pillow was found; about Scalia’s condition prior to the alleged heart attack; who actually made the over-the-phone determination not to let a coroner examine the body and the room; and whether the body was cremated or not…to name a few.

And of course we know the news media never lies; the ruling establishment never murders those who get in its way; and the only people foolish enough to believe in anything as silly as conspiracies are all members of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Okay, the man was 79 and had some health issues. Perhaps it all went down exactly the way we are supposed to believe it did. It sure is a convenient deus ex machina for the domestic enemies who are looking to strike the final death blow to the Bill of Rights in conjunction with our economic collapse (or in the aftermath of a false flag atrocity).

Before our system was perverted, and the population dumbed-down sufficiently, the separation of powers prevented any one branch of government from going rogue. Over the last century all three branches were infiltrated and co-opted by elite interests composed of foreign and domestic enemies. That’s why it hardly matters who you elect anymore–the same agenda just keeps rolling “forward.” The GOP-controlled Congress just rubber-stamps whatever the Fraud-in-Chief dictates (while passionately debating just to what degree we should be screwed on some side-effect issues here and there).

When both the legislative and executive branches were out of line, that’s when the Supreme Court is supposed to examine the “law” they push, to determine whether or not it conforms to the Constitution, and if it doesn’t, to strike it down. That’s why sleeper agents like Justice Roberts were appointed–to sell us out at the proper time by declaring “law” like the breathing tax Obamacare to be Constituionally valid.

Scalia was the last uncompromised Supreme Court Justice who evidently couldn’t be blackmailed into rubber-stamping the new, increased usurpations that will be coming at us hard in 2016 and beyond. (If there is much of a “beyond.”)

When Democrats are in the minority, they filibuster judicial appointments or whatever is required to keep Constitutionalists away from the bench.

Republicans in the House and Senate initially said they would prevent whatever Marxist tool Hussein nominates to take Scalia’s place. You know: like how they promised to de-fund Obamacare if elected, and put a stop to executive amnesty.

We can’t do anything about losing Justice Scalia. We can’t even be sure of what really happened. The real issue at hand here is when, not if, the GOP Establishment (also known as the Fraternal Order of Judas Goat Surrender Monkeys) cave in on Hussein’s replacement appointee.

Oathkeeper by Troy Grice

As the USA is fundamentally transformed into a third world police state, it’s hard not to notice that the police (local, state and federal) have been transforming before our eyes even faster. Depending on where you live, you might know a “good” cop or two. More often than not, though, police officers have been conditioned to be tools to carry out all sorts of missions except to serve and protect. My concern with this issue is what led me to slip this novel to the front of the line in my To Be Read queue.

Monte Turcott is a veteran recently returned to his home in Calumet County. He becomes a local hero when he stops a pointless shooting spree by killing the shooter. But the star of this novel is Sheriff Bear Ellis.

The irony in the behavior of government employees (from the White House down) is that they all are required to swear an oath to abide by the Constitution. Then they immediately set about violating every article and clause in it. Bear is a rarity in that he remembers his oath, and is convicted to keep it. But even though a county sheriff is theoretically accountable to the people of his county, and beholden to no higher official, Bear is under tremendous pressure from the jackbooted federal Gestapo (represented by the DEA in this case) to be a team player in the encroaching police state.

When the DEA raids the wrong house, killing Turcott’s wife, Bear finds himself caught in the middle of the struggle between the rule of law (to include due process) and the aspirations of the  alphabet soup Gestapo agencies. The situation is further complicated when the agent who killed the innocent woman is himself bumped off. There is no evidence against Turcott but the judge/jury/executioner Feds want to pin it on him anyway, and exact revenge.

If this sounds like a farfetched scenario, then you haven’t been paying attention. Yes, “law enforcement” is upside-down from what it was in the 1950s and earlier.

Grice did a good job getting inside the mind of a cop. Even the dying breed of “good” ones have been poisoned by relativistic rationale that puts loyalty to fellow LEOs above actually keeping their oaths. It must be severely difficult not to develop an “us vs. them” attitude regarding the people they are paid to serve and protect.

A very well-written novel, examining one little microcosm of what is happening/has happened to our republic.

P.S: None of the characters of this book belong to the official Oathkeepers organization.

Musings on White Nationalism

For the glass-is-half-full crowd, there is a lot to celebrate right now. For the first time in perhaps a century, The Narrative is coming under widespread scrutiny, and increasing rejection. Never before have so many been awake to the deceitfulness of the mainstream media, or the Hegelian theater of America’s “two-party” political system.

And yet this awakening has not resulted in a widespread appreciation for limited, representative government in general, or our Constitutional republic in particular; nor the free market; nor individual rights. Those principles made the United States of America the most prosperous nation in all history; yet where is the ground swell of enthusiasm to replace what is destroying us with what is proven to work? Indeed, to merely point out the demonstrable truth is to invite mockery.

And not just from the SJWs and usual subjects, but from the “Alt Right.”

Whether those in the “Alt Right” are truly right-wing is worthy of discussion another time. Suffice it to say they appear to be determined to prove the left correct regarding every slur, stereotype and accusation hurled at right-wingers…particularly when it comes to racism.

They mock Constitutionalists, for instance, because we’re hung up on “dead” concepts like freedom; individual rights; the rule of law; a free market; checks and balances; etc., when all that really matters is genetics.

These people (the ones in the US, I mean) don’t love or appreciate America. For them it’s all about “western civilization.”

I’ve heard several Trump supporters claim, “The only matter that’s important right now is immigration!”

Certainly the invasion at the US  borders is a HUGE factor in the betrayal of America, but I can think of quite a few matters that are pretty important as well. What’s weird is, a lot of the white nationalists will acknowledge them in the next breath, but through some reasoning process I haven’t quite mapped out, always lay the blame upon so-and-so’s skin color. (Or if so-and-so is white, then “It’s because he’s Jewish!” Or, “He’s an agent of the Jews!”)

There’s a lot to say about these attitudes that I’ll reserve for another time for the sake of brevity. For now, I’ll point out one other attitude of many WNs that makes for what I consider a scary combination: their subscription to the cult of personality.

Trump is lionized mostly for his forceful, “alpha” personality, and not so much for what he’s done or what he believes.  Some have opined that the socio-sexual politics should be what this next election is about.

My readers are pretty intelligent, so maybe you can put all these things together for yourselves and see the catastrophe they’re almost begging for.

Western civilization has had a few “strong man” leaders–some of whom were equally obsessed with genetics. I know for a fact I wouldn’t want to live under a regime like any of theirs.

But nobody is making that point. In fact, evidence would indicate a lot of white nationalists DO prefer that form of government.

And that’s damn tragic.

13 Hours–Provoking Questions That Should Be Asked

Only the gullible put their faith in Hollywood anymore. When you go into the theater, expect to be lied to if the film is “based on a true story,” or for the leftist agenda and their cultural Marxist tropes to get in the way of telling a decent story if it’s not.

Keep your guard up…and once in a while you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What Hollywood would like to do is have everyone forget about Benghazi. Failing that, they would prefer to feed it through the leftward-cranking revisionist machine in which incompetent traitors like Hillary and Hussein are the heroes, and “right-wing extremists” are somehow the villains.

For whatever reasons, Michael Bay didn’t make that movie. Of course he doesn’t put a spotlight on the culpability of the US State Department, or tackle the unasked questions of why Ambassador Stevens was there in the first place, what he was doing, and by whose orders…but c’mon. That’s kinda like not being stung by the scorpion, then, on top of that, expecting him to pay you for taking him across the river. Count your blessings.

Here’s my list of pros and cons about the movie:

PRO: Very solid acting, from pretty much everybody. The CIA station chief stood out, in particular.

CON: It’s rough keeping track of all the characters, especially at first. They are introduced rapidly and you really don’t know much about their respective personalities until deep in the film.

PRO: The action is intense, and believable.

CON: As with the characters, there are several different entities involved in the Benghazi debacle, and there is no exposition to introduce you. If the viewer hasn’t studied Benghazi beforehand, he might feel a bit overwhelmed and out of the loop. There’s GRS; the QRF in Tripoli; plus security details for the consulate and the CIA Annex; and Feb 17. The interrelations are never politely explained.

PRO: If the movie is accurate, then what I initially heard about Glen Doherty’s role was not. Makes me want to dig a little to see what else I had faulty info on.

CON: There are the usual little nits to pick about scenes and shots in the firefight(s). These are usually due to either the director’s ignorance about tactics, or his sacrifice of accuracy for cinematic purposes.

UNDECIDED: Speaking of accuracy vs. dramatic license, the plot doesn’t perfectly progress after the pattern the audience is used to, and the simple explanation for that is because real life doesn’t, either. I know first-hand that it’s very difficult telling a true story that is dramatic/exciting; and probably impossible to tell a story that is both 100% accurate and 100% captivating. Considering that, the writers and director did an admirable job finding a balance.

PRO: While there is enough ambiguity to avoid revealing the smoking gun in Hillary’s hand (and the Obamanible Hussein’s, for that matter), this movie does cause thinking men to ask important questions.

Questions that should have been relentlessly asked since 2012, by the bulk of the American population.