Who Planned the Planned Parenthood Shooting?

The infanticide business founded by a Nazi eugenicist has endured more scrutiny in the last few months than it has in all its history. Not because of the slaughter of defenseless children, of course, but because they’ve been caught selling the body parts. To a nation of ovine, dumbed-down, pop-culture-programmed serfs, mass murder isn’t anything worth getting your panties in a wad over–at least if it’s a government-approved institution committing the murders. But they made a profit doing it, and that is simply unacceptable, comrade.

How do you rescue the reputation of a scumbag (or an organization of scumbags, in this case) whatever the cause of its low approval numbers?

In the past, the tried-and-true method has been to reinvent the scumbag as a victim.

There are not yet enough known details about the shooting presently being hyped on network news, or the gunman, for me to declare that this is a false flag. Nevertheless, here are some more interesting items to consider:

  • Colorado Springs is the headquarters of Focus on the Family–an influential ministry staunchly opposed to abortion, religiously non-violent, and with a reputation up until now that has proven very difficult to demonize.
  • Colorado Springs is also home to one of the clandestine mind control labs established by unaccountable state-run agencies.
  • Most, if not all, of the perps in these media circus shooting sprees have been on some sort of prescription psychotropic drugs.
  • The Narrative being pushed is NAMALT (Not All Muslims Are Like That)–there is no corrolation between Islam and terrorism (in fact, according to the Fraud-in-Chief, ISIS/ISIL is not Islamic); but it is domestic terrorists who pose the real threat–you know: Christians, Constitutionalists, veterans, the Tea Party…all those guilty of an atrocity worse than any terrorist act: thinking for themselves and questioning The Narrative.
  • Since 1994, the one issue that the ovine, dumbed-down, pop-culture-programmed serfs have shown a modicum of backbone and vigilance about has been in opposing new “gun control” measures.
  • With every new atrocity, a few more ovine, dumbed-down, pop-culture-programmed serfs become willing to accept new infringements on our rights.

It’s also very interesting (if not a bit smelly) that the gunman surrendered after killing one cop but no PP staff. I wonder who the dead cop is and what he knew. And I wonder what the perp is going to reveal to the world about his alleged ideology, assuming he’s allowed to live that long and speak for himself.


There is now some question as to whether the shooter targeted Planned Parenthood, or that the shooting occurred there. Some reports indicate that it took place at Chase Bank. But that would mean the left-wing (“mainstream”) media is purposefully distorting the facts to make them conform to The Narrative and we just KNOW THEY WOULD NEVER DO THAT!


Is NASCAR Selling Out, Too?

I’ve loved football since junior high, but the recent complete assimilation of the NFL into the cultural Marxist Borg has disgusted me to the point that the Superbowl is the only game I’ll watch…if that.

NASCAR has been a refreshing holdout against the leftward stampede of formerly American-and-proud-of-it entertainment endeavors. It’s not unusual for a patriotic flyover to occur before a race, or for the pre-race prayer to invoke the name of Jesus. But there’s a disturbing development in recent weeks.

I’m not referring to “The Chase,” which is understandable from a marketing standpoint (maintaining excitement by raising the stakes for the last several races in the Cup Series), though it is arguably unfair to drivers like Kevin Harvick (who has dominated consistently this season, but whose cumulative accomplishments could all be obliterated by two or three bad luck weekends in a row). I’m also not referring to NASCAR’s recent initiative to introduce “diversity” into a milleu that has always (and still) attracts mostly cocky heterosexual males. Yeah, yeah, nearly all of them are caucasian, too, whatever you want to make of that.

One of the instances where Joey Logano or his teammate have wrecked Matt Kenseth. At Kansas they crashed him out of 1st place and out of championship contention.
One of the instances where Joey Logano or his teammate have wrecked Matt Kenseth. At Kansas they crashed him out of 1st place in that race and out of championship contention in the 2015 Sprint Cup Chase.

What worries me is that NASCAR has shut down the comment threads in their online forums. This is something that the “mainstream” (left-wing) online news organizations have begun doing lately.

It’s understandable that the propaganda ministry of the deep state Establishment legacy news networks would want to eliminate free expression: every so often, someone capable of independent thought infiltrates their online echo chambers and casts doubt on the Approved Narrative by calling out the lapdog press for their lies, distortions, bias and selective reporting.

It doesn’t make as much sense for a racing organization to gag the fans. It’s in their interest to listen to the fans, and give them what they want when possible. Isn’t that the rationale behind The Chase, after all?

Revenge or parts failure? Either way, Logano probably got what was coming to him.
Revenge or parts failure? Either way, Logano probably got what was coming to him.

NASCAR’s motivation doesn’t seem to be political…at least in the traditional sense. More likely, it is because fans are pissed off about the blatant favoritism shown to Joey Logano, the double standard imposed on Matt Kenseth, and their collective outrage is something the suits don’t want to deal with.

Whatever the reason, this is a disturbing development. If NASCAR does become yet another tool for Social Justice Convergence (imagine drivers compelled to wear pink high heels for breast cancer awareness or rainbow Nomex suits for “gay pride day”), dissent is already hindered.

Captain Gearhead