Alternate Covers For Tier Zero

I could use some feedback on these covers. I plan on replacing my cool retro-men’s adventure cover for the E-book version of Tier Zero…at least temporarily.

Here’s Alternative 1:

And here’s Alternative 2:

I’m having trouble deciding which I like better. Any constructive criticism would be helpful. Shouldthe font be more like it is in the other books of the series? Do you think the overall tint should be tweaked to the muddy, muted colors of the other books? (I know the weapons and gear don’t reflect exactly what’s in the story–this is more an attempt at a striking image that connotes, thematically, the content in a general sense.)

All the Deep State’s Men

Layer after layer of corruption and abuse are being peeled back from the political swamp in Washington, proving what some have suspected for a long time: that the US government–nominally of the people, for the people, and by the people–has been hijacked.

The hijacking took place a long time ago, but sadly, the truth would never be known to the mainstream if it weren’t for alternative media.

More facts are turning up every day, so the picture we have now is not definitive. Undoubtedly, more information will be added as this unravels. But here is a tentative summary of the sequence of events leading to what some are now calling “Obamagate”:

  1. The deep state’s plan for the “choice” we would have for President in 2016 came down to Hillary (Evil) or Jeb Bush (Evil Lite). They rigged the Democrat primary so Hillary would beat Sanders (who is a little too honest about his ideology), and tried to rig the Republican primary in favor of Jeb, by splitting the vote with so many candidates that he would win a plurality.
  2. Unfortunately for them, one of those candidates on the Republican side–despite being rather ignorant in some ways, and a former Clinton/Obama supporter–was not a “made man,” and inspired more enthusiasm in voters than any other single candidate–despite the establishment backing of Bush III. In order to cover all bases, they needed some way to either bribe, threaten, or blackmail him so that he’d dance to their tune (and gracefully lose to Jeb). Bribes and threats evidently didn’t work, so they had to find or manufacture some kind of dirt on him, just on the remote chance he might present a serious challenge to their made man (and made woman).
  3. Trump stunned the deep state by trouncing Jeb and all other opponents, despite all the efforts of the lapdog media (and despite his unpolished speech and politically unorthodox personality).
  4. While using their MSM puppets to proclaim that Hillary would obliterate Trump in the general election, the deep state developed an “insurance policy” against the rogue upstart just in case the unthinkable happened.
  5. It turns out Carter Page might have been an FBI employee or informant long prior to these events, involved in surveilling  actual Russian agents (not that the Obama Administration was interested in stopping Russian threats to our country, as proven by the Uranium One fiasco). Moreover, the Obama DOJ/FBI may have planted Carter Page inside the Trump campaign for the very purpose of generating a “Russian Collusion” Narrative. Hopefully this will become more clear as information is released.
  6. Using Carter Page and his Russian contacts as an excuse, the witch hunt began. Page being associated with the Trump Campaign would give Obama’s dirty secret police a toehold from which they could “inadvertently” find or manufacture dirt on their real target: Trump.
  7. An avowed Trump-hater and British spy Richard Steele was contracted by the Hillary Campaign/DNC for “opposition research” against her political opponent.  It’s been assumed for months that Steele’s “sources” for the Dossier were Russians happy to receive Yankee Dollars for lying about an American; but it’s beginning to look like the sordid tales of golden showers in Moscow hotels were actually invented by long-time Clinton henchmen, including Sydney Blumenthal.
  8. Knowing the Dossier was fabricated by agents of the DNC/Clinton Campaign, the dirty cops in Obama’s Secret Police (the hijacked FBI & DOJ), took it to a secret court (FISA), which rubber-stamped it. The warrant was subsequently renewed every 90 days by the same secret court. This gave Robert Mueller the justification to assemble a team of partisan dirty cops and spend over a year and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to dredge up some kind of scandal on Trump. Jim Comey has admitted the Dossier was “salacious and unverified,” but that didn’t matter to the criminals in charge.
  9. Steele leaked excerpts from his dossier to the press, then Obama’s Stasi used the resulting press coverage to “corroborate” the Dossier to the secret court.
  10. Despite Hillary’s “98% probable victory” in November, and despite massive election fraud and a painfully partisan press, Trump won the presidency. Deep state operatives and their useful idiots across the country broke out in hysterical panic. A Hillary presidency would have ensured that the astonishing levels of corruption, high crimes and treason taking place for years would have been swept under the rug. But now they were missing an essential tool for keeping everything under wraps: the Chief Executive. Hence all the FISA renewals and the “Russian Collusion” Narrative, coinciding with shrieks about impeachment for undefined reasons.
  11. After all the time and money spent on the witch hunt, Mueller’s “investigation” has been unable to turn up any evidence that Trump colluded with Russians (which, apparently, is not a crime anyway). To this day, nobody in the DNC/media machine is able to even provide a hypothesis as to how “Russian Collusion” “hacked” the election, or has influenced President Trump’s policies. But while pushing this nothing-burger on their audience of TV zombies, the MSM has dutifully helped cover up a number of actual scandals which do have supporting evidence.
  12. After obstructing justice and stalling Congress for months, the FBI finally released evidence (what they didn’t still try to destroy/hide). Some of this evidence was summarized in the Nunes Memo. The Democrat/Media machine shrieked that the memo couldn’t be made public because “muh democracy!” Once it was released, however (proving they were lying about a danger to national security or revealing sources and methods), they immediately adjusted The Narrative to convince the public we shouldn’t bother to read it because it’s a dud. “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along!”
  13. Adam Schiff and his fellow deep state operatives concocted a counter-memo, purposefully including sources and methods so that it would have to be heavily redacted for national security purposes. In other words, they themselves did what they (falsely) accused Nunes & Co. of doing, knowing the Lapdog Press would parrot their Narrative: “Trump has a double standard! He’s obstructing justice!”
  14. Other memos are coming out in the mean time, proving what many in the alternative media have been saying for a year. And evidence is beginning to trickle down that Obama himself was directly complicit in the illegal surveillance of American citizens, including President Trump and associates.
  15. There’s been more than enough evidence to indict these and other high-level criminals in our government for some time, but they have yet to face any consequences. Meanwhile, folks like General Flynn were ruined with the flimsiest of cases. There is an undeniable double standard, completely determined by the partisan divide. It seems little has improved with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (in fact, the appointment appears to be another multi-level deep state coup, as his vacated Senate seat was handed to the Democrats via election fraud and a demonization campaign based on the flimsiest of cases). There might be an avalanche of additional revelations coming, but if nobody in the “Justice” Department acts on it, the swamp will never be drained anyway.
  16. Both sides are trash-talking about a resounding victory in the mid-term elections. The left’s arrogance is well-founded, since their voter base is on-board for destroying America by any means necessary, and couldn’t care less about truth or the depravity of their own political champions. The deep state also pulls the strings of the MSM, Hollywood, etc., which will force-feed The Narrative to the public 24/7. The right does not have such a fanatical voter base–in fact, it tends toward apathy and defeatism. Also, the GOP is rife with swamp creatures merely masquerading as ideological adversaries to the Democrats, and some of Trump’s own appointees are proving to be ineffectual at best. Trump is alone on a raft made of popsicle sticks, surrounded by deep state sharks.

There is scuttlebutt circulating among the anons that Trump is playing 4D chess here, and has trolled the Democrat/Media Machine. Specifically: that Sessions is actually hard at work behind the scenes and that heads are already rolling as he herds the swamp critters into a trap often referred to as “the Storm.”

During the 2016 campaign, when fielding questions about military operations, Trump said he wouldn’t follow the idiotic practice of previous administrations by warning our enemies (ISIS was the specific enemy discussed) before we struck. (In fact, this was what first started pulling me toward the Trump Camp. This simple little nugget of wisdom hinted at a foreign policy more sensible than any since Reagan…maybe since Coolidge.) If he applies this logic to domestic as well as foreign enemies, then this “4D chess” theory may not be farfetched.

Jerome Corsi Interviewed About “Q Anon” and the FISA Memo

The “mainstream” (left-wing lapdog) media first tried to convince their audience that the FISA memo was a “threat to the rule of law” (as if they care about that), would undermine the fabric of our “democracy,” etc. Notice how, once the memo was released, the Spin Machine reversed gears and now tries to convince you that it’s much ado about nothing?

In fact,you can tell there’s chaos in the enemy camp because their coordination has broken down. Some Democrats and media talking heads (but I repeat myself) are still pushing the first official story (lets call it Narrative 3.1), while their fellow travelers have already switched to Narrative 4.0. Corporately, at least, the Democrat/Pop-Culture Machine is broadcasting cognitive dissonance throughout the land. Releasing the memo will end life as we know it; but at the same time the memo is insignificant and laughable.

The more I watch Dr. Corsi, the more I appreciate that there are still a few good men who love our country and hope to save it. Here he discusses Q Anon’s recent coded messages to the patriot community, and the significance of the Nunes memo.

There could yet be hope for America. My son may yet grow up in a free country.

The investigation leading to the FISA memo barely scratches the surface of the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that the people need to find out, and hopefully they will.

It remains to be seen if the “Normies” are jarred out of their trance; if Trump’s counterattack is forthcoming; and if the perpetrators will finally suffer consequences.


You can view a scan of the document here.

Here’s a summary (because the document is in pseudo-legalese):

The Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, using shells or front companies, paid to have former a British spy and anti-Trump fanatic fabricate a story that would malign Trump’s character during the 2016 campaign. He put this disinformation material into a dossier, which was subsequently leaked to the press.

Two media organizations that spread the story were Yahoo and Mother Jones.

The corrupt, weaponized FBI and DOJ, controlled by Obamunist lackeys at the top levels, used the dossier, and the news coverage of it, to illegally obtain a FISA warrant to spy on American citizens, despite knowing who funded it and why. It appears likely that the FBI helped pay for the dossier (with our tax dollars).  Furthermore, the FISA warrant was renewed twice during and after the election.

The initial warrant, and subsequent renewals, were for the purpose of justifying a witch hunt against Trump and his campaign and administration (initially via Carter Page). The alleged reason for the witch hunt was “collusion” between Trump and “the Russians.” The ultimate goal was to ensure Trump would lose the election. After that failed, they (with their willing accomplices in the media) hoped they could use it to overturn the election. This was possibly part of the “insurance policy” spoken of by FBI bureaucrats in the 15% of private texts the FBI is not still hiding from Congressional oversight.

Among those involved in these crimes and abuses of power were Jim Comey; Andrew McCabe; Rod Rosenstein; Sally Yates; and Dana Boente. And, of course, they worked for Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but also part of the reason the traitors to our country were so desperate to keep this information from We the People. The most important immediate question is: Will Attorney-General Jeff Sessions have the guts now to do his job and bring these criminals to justice?


The Exception – a Review

Coincident with the German blitzkrieg into France, Heinrich Himmler assigns a special detail to “protect” Wilhelm Hohenzollern, the former Kaiser of the Second Reich, who is exiled in Holland.

The assignment is passed down to young Captain Brandt, a veteran of the Poland Campaign who was wounded winning the Iron Cross, but also got on the wrong side of the SS after witnessing an atrocity. Still recovering from shrapnel wounds to his stomach, he nonetheless doesn’t want this cushy rear-echelon job. But orders are orders, so off he goes.

Brandt is quickly caught in a tug of war between the Kaiser’s military attache; the Gestapo; Wermacht Intelligence (trying to track down a British spy in the area), and a young, nubile war widow who is down for cheap, meaningless sex.

It’s a pleasant surprise how good this movie is. While it certainly has its faults, it’s not always easy to guess what will happen next.

Marco Polo – a Review

Even the most fanatic revisionist white knights couldn’t ruin a story set in the Mongol Empire during the conquest of south China, right?


I wish I could say I’m surprised by what they’ve done with the subject matter.

First off is the main character, Marco Polo. His motivations are sketchy at best, beyond some vague desire for a father figure. In the first season he’s habitually stupid…but not as stupid as the series writers assume their audience is.

The sad fact is, that assumption may prove correct.

There’s all the formulaic theater, white-knight feminist tropes, and contrived plot devices you can find in any other TV show, and the Trojan beach head of perversity we can expect from a Weinstein Company-backed tale of palace intrigue.

(But to be honest, it’s doubtful Harvey Weinstein is any worse than the other producers in Hollywood. In fact, he’s probably mild compared to some of them.)

But the sterling character of the morally pure saints headquartered in Homowood, Commiefornia never rests until it has delivered a hypocritical moral message. And so their favorite perversion (pedophilia) is represented not accurately (like, say, in the character of an entertainer or leftist politician), but in the form of a Christian Mongol.

Nothing special here.


Birth of the Dragon – a Review

This film was inspired by the fabled showdown between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man.

I was only vaguely familiar with the story; and only as told from the perspective of Lee and his legions of devoted fans. But there is controversy surrounding not only the outcome of the fight; but why it took place.

If you’ve seen Bruce Lee biopics before this, you’ve seen Lee’s victory over Man depicted. In Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, the showdown occurred because the Old Guard of Kung Fu demanded Lee endure trial-by-combat, for the crime of teaching their ancient secrets to non-Chinese.

Pretty heroic narrative. The stuff of legends.

This film, however, tells the story from an entirely different perspective:

Wong Jack Man was not sent to San Francisco to spy on Bruce Lee, to punish or kill him. Although he was reluctant to share Kung Fu with non-Chinese, it wasn’t his motive for coming to the USA. Rather, he came to work as a dishwasher as a form of pennance, while ostracized from his Shaulin monastery for badly injuring a Tai-Chi master during a demonstration that was not supposed to be full-contact. Washing dishes will put his pride in check and help him restore internal balance.

Bruce Lee fans probably hate this movie, because (although he has some likable qualities, including his fighting skills) he’s an egomaniacal bully blinded by his own ambition. He delights in publicly humiliating others, and it is he who tries to goad Wong Jack Man into a fight. The prideful, childish side of alpha male behavior is portrayed accurately in this regard. Nobody knows for sure how the real life events played out, because there are few witnesses, and those witnesses tell contradictory versions of the story. However, this version does have the ring of truth to it. Certainly it’s not 100% accurate; but it strikes me as more plausible than the more popular Bruce Lee hero myth.

The acting is good–especially Xu Xia as Wong Jack Man. Philip Wan-Lung Ng has a physique much like Bruce Lee, and has mastered Lee’s poses, gestures, and movement. This was displayed best when fighting or sparing, when he would dance around his opponent (in western boxing this is called “the bicycle”–Bruce Lee’s bicycle was distinct and rather flamboyant).

What eventually persuades Man to fight Lee is a sub-plot concerning an American Kung Fu student trying to rescue a Chinese babe (Jingjing Qu) from indentured Servitude to a Chinatown mob boss. Perhaps the premise is too fairy-tale, but the part of Steve “Mac” McKee (Billy Magnuson) was written and performed adequately. I appreciate that they didn’t make this fictional character the stereotype “arrogant racist American who had to be taught a lesson before he could believe in equality” yada yada yada. He’s a very likable character, with his own ego in check (if not his emotions); a teachable student who respects both Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man.

We know that in real life, after the fight with Man, Lee abandoned traditional Wing Chun and went on to develop Jeet Kun Do. In the film we see a more extensive turning point for Lee–that he has actually learned some humility by the end. Not to sound like the message in a fortune cookie, but this film version of Lee is closer to bringing his inner self “into balance” before the final credits.

The older I get, the harder it is to sit through the old Hong Kong martial arts flicks, pioneered by Bruce Lee. The Hollywood-produced Enter the Dragon is watchable, but still a little on the cheesy schlock side of B-movie-dom. The production values of this movie are miles higher than those old exploitation quickies. Mainstream critics (pompous SJWs who get paid to spout off their opinions) have panned this film, but I assure you it’s both written better and more exciting than any Star Wars flick made within the last couple decades.


Pick Up Your Sickle Sword, Follow Me…

I’m the Bronze Age infantry.

Tribal shock troops

Patch on my shoulder…

Free for the Amazon Kindle right now: the new epic fantasy novel Gods & Proxies.

This is not yet another Tolkien wannabe book. And, like other Virtual Pulp titles, it eschews the “strong female character” and all the accompanying feminist tropes which are obligatory across seemingly all entertainment media, ESPECIALLY fantasy novels.

If I were going to try to emulate some famous fantasy author (which I’m not), it would be Robert E. Howard.

What you have here, kind of, is opposing gods fighting a proxy war via Bronze Age nations. One nation is human, and its enemies are mostly Nephilim (giants, or Titans).

For the small price of zero dollars and no cents, you can indulge in high adventure…for the next few days.

Gangster Land – a Review

It would be difficult to count all the movies that have been set during the prohibition era. Yet for some reason, it seems like all of them are set at the end–usually around the Stock Market crash. It’s nice to see one that kicks off in the early days.

The story bears only superficial resemblance to history. But still, it’s nice to see a period piece that depicts the rise of Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

The protagonist (played by some actor who looks familiar) is a straight arrow, but when his father is murdered by a rival gang, he hires on as a trigger man for Capone.

One little tidbit I didn’t expect was a brief monologue from Capone about how John D. Rockafeller was the driving force behind getting the Volstead Act passed. Hadn’t heard that one before.

Aside from what I’ve mentioned, there’s nothing remarkable about this movie. Back in the day, it would have been called a “B picture.

War For the Planet of the Apes – a Review

First of all, the title is a bit deceptive. There is a war brewing between apes and men–like it was in the last movie or two, but this one doesn’t depict a war.

There is a cheesy firefight scene at the end, and an ambush of sorts at the very beginning, and that’s about the extent of the combat. The bulk of the film is a psychological profile of Caesar. Woody Harrelson (doing his best Colonel Kurtz) murder’s his wife and son, so Caesar is tempted to adopt tactics and methods that are just as ee-veel as those used by the bad guys (humans).

In this ongoing reboot of the franchise, the film makers evidently intend to erase generations of history. The apes haven’t even taken over the planet yet, and they’ve already introduced both Cornelius and Nova.

The cinematography was the best aspect of the  film. Otherwise, meh.

Red-Blooded American Men Examine Pop-Culture and the World