Ethnos Will Rise Against Ethnos

I don’t usually agree with Vox Day concerning race. And since he seems to believe that the solution to every single problem or issue known to man is separatism…we don’t agree on a whole lot of anything I guess.

But then he said this:

Everywhere you go, from San Jose to Melbourne, the race war will find you. Vibrants don’t give a damn that you are a good anti-racist. They could not care less that you deplore racism with every bone in your body. They are totally indifferent to the guilt and shame you feel over the actions of your ancestors. They understand, as you do not, that there is no such thing as racial equality, there is no such thing as a “proposition nation”, and there is no such thing as a Brotherhood of Man.

They hate you for the very simple reason that you are not them. And they will attack you, unprovoked, every chance they get.

Like it or not (and I don’t), he is absolutely correct in his statements here. My personal experience has taught me this, as defeatist as it may sound.

Where I disagree with Vox and his ilk (pun intended) is how inevitable this was. They insist that genetic differences demand set patterns of cognitive conformity, and imply that race alone has brought us to the brink of ruin. But we didn’t have to let the divide-and-conquer strategy work. (Plus, the traitors who pushed America onto the slippery slope were lilly-white–and no dark-skinned boogeyman held a spear to their heads.)

Nevertheless, here we are. Self-fulfilling prophecies have manifested; perverted revisions of history are clung to as gospel; and speaking the truth accomplishes little besides identifying yourself as a target to those who haven’t already targeted you.

You may pride yourself on being colorblind (as I once did). But the “vibrants” are not. They won’t become colorblind, and have no intentions to do so. How much suffering you experience will depend on how stubborn you are about accepting this reality.

"Stick to your own kind."
“One of your own kind… Stick to your own kind.”

You will be judged according to your “skin uniform” and little else in days ahead. If you are white, the “vibrants” hate you already. That hatred is just below the surface and ready to turn violent at the drop of the next catalyst.

I won’t even address Islam here. Anyone with a functioning brain is aware of how dangerous Muslims are–whatever their racial makeup.

islamRight now, as offensive as this concept is, if you encounter somebody of African descent, there is a 94-98% chance they will gleefully destroy your life, liberty and property, and that of your posterity, when opportunity presents itself. Opportunity at the ballot box today or in the bullet box tomorrow. Their education (from all and whatever sources) has taken advantage of mankind’s fallen nature to program them in the direction they desire to go, anyway, and they are absolutely convinced that they are entitled to anything they can get, by whatever means is most convenient for them.

Most Hispanics are the same or similar. And frankly, the rising undercurrent of white tribalists will eventually be no different. (The redneck parasite class already has the entitlement mentality.) Maybe you’re white, but you’re not white enough. Or not the right flavor of white, see? Comment threads around the web are already demonstrating these trends.

"Vox is gonna have his Day tonight..." Sorry--couldn't resist.
“Vox is gonna have his Day tonight…” Sorry–couldn’t resist.

When the cold civil war turns hot, and you encounter somebody of a different color, are you willing to risk your life, your family’s life, and the life of your proven allies, on the 2-6% chance that the individual is the exception and not the rule? Or will you put them in the dirt with 94-98% certainty you did the right thing? Or will you pause to weigh all the possibilities, assuming the other guy will give you a minute to sort it out? Maybe you’re uncomfortable even considering this scenario. Does your discomfort now guarantee you’ll never have to make such a choice?

Vox has been blogging frequently against the “proposition nation.” That’s the “America is an idea” sentiment that I myself have expressed, because Americans are ruled by law, not by men–whatever color the men in question happen to be.

To be honest, Vox is using the accurate definition of “nation.” God established the nations, and the distinction was/is purely genetic. So a polyglot like the USA is not, technically, a nation.

The USA is a country–a country founded on this conviction:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The country built on that foundation (that fundamental, you might say) is what I once volunteered to put my life on the line for.  I am an American. I have not consented to change my citizenship to a regime that is destructive of these ends. No such fundamental transformation of my country to such a regime  is legal. Everyone in Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House took an oath to preserve my country and its law. Just because they are lying traitors does not obligate me to surrender my unalienable rights protected by that law.

You may insist that such a country doesn’t exist anymore. Judging by what’s going on, you’d appear to be right. In fact, I have suffered certain infringements myself. But that doesn’t mean I’ve surrendered. It also doesn’t mean I will always suffer, while evils are sufferable. It only means I pick my battles and won’t piss away what I do still have in order to make some martyr statement that two-legged sheep won’t heed or even appreciate.

You can choose to forfeit your own rights. Most North America-dwellers are choosing that, will, or have already. That does not obligate me to do likewise.

I’m an American. I don’t care what you think that means to you. What matters is what it means to me. If you are against the foundational truths summarized in the excerpt above, you are my enemy, whether you look like me or not, and whoever your ancestor was. That’s where my line is drawn. That means one side will call me a cuck; and the other side will call me a racist. Both sides will be shooting at me one day, probably. It doesn’t inspire a warm fuzzy, but I can live with that.

Where is your line drawn? If you think matching skin tones is more important than matters of life, liberty, property, and what god you will serve, sin loi. If you don’t, then please examine the alliances you’re making.


2 thoughts on “Ethnos Will Rise Against Ethnos”

  1. My experience with diversity was the same: only whites are expected to believe in it. Only whites practice it. The scales fell from my eyes when I realized that 100% diversity = 0% whites. There is very little diversity in most non-white places in the US, only Balkanization.

    I believe that America is defined by laws, particularly the Constitution. The problem is, only the proles believe in it. When you take an oath to support and defend it, you are the only one that’s taking the oath, not those who administer it. Also, this country is supposed to be “for us and our posterity.” Just because someone moves here and is granted citizenship or is an anchor baby does not make them an American, as Omar Mateen, the San Bernardino shooters, the Ft. Hood shooters, and most Mexicans are proving. There’s nothing magical about US soil that magically makes an American.

    So, though we are defined by laws, there is a genetic component to being an American – a lineage. LIneage creates skin in the game of the American prospect. At least it should.

    Most whites are completely backstabbing and cowardly so I’m not looking forward to siding with any of them. I want to be left alone. Unfortunately, the Left demands unconditional surrender.

    1. Yeah, precisely: a whole lot of whites are part of the problem. I see the “magic DNA” argument as ridiculous as the “magic dirt” idea.

      You confused me by saying only the proles believe in the Constitution. When I see the term “proles” I tend to assume it’s used the way Orwell used it–basically for “proletariat.” I suppose it’s a matter of definition, as with so many labels. I’m guessing by proles, you mean people who work for a living (as opposed to professional politicians and the elites who own them); rather than the Parasite and Sacrosanct Victim Classes who wave the banners and regurgitate ironic platitudes.

      How far do we take the concept of lineage? The fallacy of “magic dirt” thinking is well-documented these days, and I recognize that the post-1965 invasion (legal and illegal) has been like a cancer to the USA. However, as the “Alt Right” defines an American, it seems that only the blue bloods qualify. So the descendants of those who did not come over on the Mayflower, but maybe from Germany or Denmark or Hungary, for instance, are disqualified, despite having assimilated, and proved their allegiance to our constitutional republic with their words, actions, votes, and sometimes their lives? After all, I am repeatedly told that such immigrants are genetically predisposed to reject “the rights of Englishmen,” which American law spun off from.

      Who is more of an American: a blue blooded socialist who does whatever is within their ability to subvert the rule of law and destroy the rights of free men; or somebody of Italian or Filipino or (gasp!) Jewish descent who has assimilated and who does whatever is within their power to sustain the rule of law and preserve individual rights?

      Granted, such people from those demographics are unicorns today; but so is an “Alt Righter” who values the Bill of Rights more than vain geneologies, identity politics and cults of personality.

      Anyway, this is why I have an issue with the scornful denunciations of the “proposition nation,” which is just another way of pushing the “magic DNA” argument: as long as somebody is “white enough,” they will automatically be better Americans than somebody who isn’t, and vice-versa.

      And while we’re at it, is English ancestry enough, by itself? What if there’s too much Welsh, Cornish, or Norman DNA mixed in with the Anglo-Saxon blood? Or is it the Anglo-Saxon DNA that would disqualify someone from being a “real Englishman,” since Angles and Saxons were from Germany…and Germans don’t have the magic genes that will cause them to automatically appreciate and preserve the rights of Englishmen?

      The “Alt Right” seems to believe that the core of every single problem is racial. I believe it is spiritual.

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