Death Couldn’t Stop Him

Scholars couldn’t outsmart Him.

Government couldn’t silence Him.

Nature couldn’t resist Him.

Demons couldn’t defy Him.

The devil couldn’t trick Him.

The cross couldn’t dissuade Him.

The grave couldn’t hold Him.

We have it on the most reliable authority that there was no man ever born of woman as righteous as John the Baptist. And yet even John the Baptist recognized that he wasn’t fit to untie the sandals of the One he most famously baptized.

Looking for a God-king or God-emperor to make everything right? He’s already come, and He will return to do just that. His “government name” was Yeshua. His Anglicized name is Joshua. His Greek name is Jesus. He will be called Immanuel.

He is Son of God and son of man. He could be killed as a sacrifice because He was a son of man. He overcame death because He is the Son of God.

There’s coming a day where every living being will acknowledge him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Unfortunately for most, this will be involuntary and a bitter pill, because they didn’t accept him before time ran out.